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I have taken my son to Dr Brooke for numerous soccer injuries and myself for carpal tunnel surgery and I have always been very pleased with him..
thank you ....the web site was great
I have never been to the festival, but I am planning on going this year. Can you tell me more specifically what times on Saturday....starts at noon, goes until 9 pm? thanks...Joyce
thanks ......
First Lutheran church is putting on a function in April and we are looking for someone to cater a luncheon for about 40-50 Joyce at 852-3649, or Kim at First Lutheran church at 234-416 + 26 more characters
I would be interested....852-3649
RE: Santa? 10 years ago
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thank you also, my g-daughter missed Santa last weekend and we were hoping he would be out again !
I have been finding conflicting dates...November 30 or Dec 7
Oh yeah, so awesome...gotta try it!
yes, I would go
I am a Relay For Life member and I would be glad to help you to distribute your hats an scarves if you would number is 852-3649
First Lutheran Church is putting on a Parish Nurse Retreat on September 10 at 512 Cale from 10 am to 2pm. This is offered to all nurses and allied health professionals who have a faith based affiliati + 275 more characters
no they didn't, and the dogs weren't in contact with each other...since no one else posted of their dogs dying without cause, maybe it was just a coincidence? or heat?
thanks for your inputs.....
2 people I know have had dogs die suddenly in the past few days, has else had any sick dogs?
wow...thanks for sharing....
First Lutheran Church VBS is in JUne.......I think it is next week, you can call 234-4161 for information
First Lutheran Church is having one at 11:00...we are having a Breakfast from 8:30 to 9:30, service is at 10:00, and then Easter Egg Hunt after are welcome....512 Cale
would you mind if I send your picture to the Readers Digest contest site.....showing what awesome things we have in Miles city.....agriculture, sweet little sheep......
beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.....
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