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Thanks, Miles City Football, you were a delight to teach.
Ike, it is what it is, there are two teams and at present it looks to stay that way. I doubt that the poster meant to slight the Maverick program. Outlaw fans tend to get a little protective as it see + 212 more characters
Thank you sir, glad we cleared up the misunderstanding. I appreciate your very gracious reply.
Baseball innately has "role" players built in to the game. The guy that sacrifices or bunts or cheers from the bench, the relief pitcher, the guy in right field that thinks a ball is never coming to h + 673 more characters
Amorette is mistaken about the teams being in two different leagues. The Outlaws are not in a league and are free to play whomever. They do play legion teams in other areas. I think what we all want i + 637 more characters
2016 Signups for all ages on January 10,2016 from 6:30 to 7:30 -p.m. at the Holy Rosary Hospital Conference Room. Call Monte at 406-853-0041 for more information.
The shop will be open Friday, the 26th and then Tuesdays through Saturdays.
She is no longer at Discovery Pond. She will be across the side street from Discovery Pond in a few days or may have already opened.
Outlaw Baseball Golf Scramble is coming Sunday at 3 p.m. Get your team and get signed up to play!!! 951-0593 is the number to sign up! You do not have to be affiliated with Outlaw Baseball or the Town + 590 more characters
I see the chef is moving...anyone know who will be taking over? (He is advertising for someone to take over his lease.)
It is my understanding that the young man was a teen visiting here from Utah. What a horrible thing to have happen. My prayers go out to his family and other who loved him.
July 8th Outlaws play Glendive Blue Devils at Tedesco Field at 3 and 5 p.m. Free admission,refreshment stand open. Beautiful baseball weather. Tedesco is located behind Denton Field and the tennis cou + 4 more characters
Ike Eichler is who you need to visit with, he has co-authored a book on tokens.
It is under serious consideration. The younger grades have a much denser population. I am unsure if a final decision has been made.
If you are on Mid Rivers you can go to the following link and watch on the internet for free.
Usually there are various charities selling trees. For years the Miles City Baseball Assoc. has sold trees and probably still are. The last few years they have had the use of Ace Hardware garden spot + 55 more characters
The fire was on the 600 block of Mississippi at the Hood home. It was right beside a house I own and the address given didn't make sense. So I rolled and discovered my renter and family were ok. I bel + 160 more characters
I think your date is off, today is the first. Thanks for all you do!
First year of teaching, lunch hour and then back to my second graders. Hard..
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