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Really? He is a ranch-hand and they had to call the fire department. Not much difference between hatching a crumb-muncher and lambing or calving. Glad it worked out.
Hmmm... I'm disappointed. I thought the "Echo Chamber" was a special section among the lawn equipment at Home Depot. Guess not.
If you are on this list, you are on this list and what you did apparently doesn't matter. You all seem to be suggesting that people on this list ought to be treated according to there specific incide + 139 more characters
There was an old man From Peru, whose lim’ricks all Look’d like haiku. He
What is simultaneous hilarious and scary are the "likes" Richard got with this feature on posts made six years ago. O_O url
I don't know about that... there is NOTHING "right" about Busch Light.[/quote] Careful there, Dark Beer. At least I am somewhat "hoppy", unlike you that is made from fermented friars and nuns. === IM + 40 more characters
Kyle Busch is as NASCAR red-neck as one can get and I assure you he doesn't eat at Golden Corral. I think I heard the one in Gillette closed. If it can't make it in coal-roller truckville there is no + 35 more characters
So many jokes... All of them crude.
Well, since "Cards Against Humanity" has corrupted me forever, I'll share what Amorette won't- A comma is the difference between: "helping your Uncle, Jack, off a horse" and "helping your uncle jack o + 105 more characters
I think you all are being scammed by Mr. Wood.
And that is new how?
Where is this being held?
Bonine is a idiot.
The main point I was trying to make was not to be presumptuous, as the poster to whom I was responding routinely is... I merely offered rationale as to why she might be incorrect. How the accident ha + 218 more characters
That is presumptuous. Maybe the ATV was his size.
A Guinness or two would probably fix that problem.
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