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I think that the police have kinda transitioned from watching out for the people to watching the people. It also seems that police in general are sort of becoming more militaristic in some aspects, an + 72 more characters
I don't think that was the case. I read it to mean that an agreement was made to let Powell off the hook, if he agreed to help nab Hays. I am guessing that Hays is hinting that since Powell lives near + 116 more characters
Right, but the charges weren't dropped unconditionally, I can see his point. Besides that, when someone is charged with a crime due to an "error", at least an apology is in order. That said, I really + 148 more characters
What was the guys name that published the "whistleblower"? For those of you that remember him, imagine what it would have been like on here if was around for him to use as a venue.
Kinda hard to belive probable cause existed if Hays wasn't even at work on the day in question, if thats the case. In a case like this the right thing to do would have been to dismiss the charges unco + 99 more characters
Uh oh
As Yoda would say, Gagged your account will be now, Done it now you have.
Devin Deming attempted to escape from the county jail on 20-MAY-94. The escape was while he was in jail for the arson I think, and he was found not guilty of the arson, but still got nailed for the es + 67 more characters
But that will never happen.
Brian loses?
Brian Wins!
Instead of Brian having to more sensistive to the indians culture and understand that its just the great grandmothers culture , or whatever, Perhaps the indians are responsible after all. Don't they h + 91 more characters
Of course "they" play the race card. They've learned that it works. As has been apparent on some of the forums even on, Its not ok to even say you have a dislike of other races. You can't reall + 237 more characters
Hey, Bridgier. GFY!
And that would accomplish what? He has no control over the situation, just another cog in the machine of a system that failed.
No amount of double talk changes the fact that it's pretty clear that the ball was dropped here. The punishment didn't fit the crime.
Does East Main do the implants also?
Does the dog catcher have a microchip scanner that is used to scan all his victims?
I might be confused, why did he leave CCDHS?
Rob, put your tin foil hat back on.
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