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Wayne Bell, age 70, of Miles City passed away on wednesday, March 30, 2011 at his home on Moon Creek Road. Wayne was born on march 13, 1941 to Joseph and Ruby (Doane) Bell in Rollins, Mich. He grew u + 1744 more characters
To all those who have followed us through the summer, who have prayed for Ben, and for our family, who have have offered their support in many different ways, Thank You. Ben truly is the bravest man t + 2401 more characters
Hi to All... For all of you who have been keeping track of what's been going on with Ben Winkley, who have sent us donations, and who have prayed for us, THANK YOU!!! Ben and I and our entire family h + 1801 more characters
Just letting everyone know that today is Ben's 36th birthday. He is off to Billings for more radiation, and I am still here in Miles city trying to figure out how to get the tie rods fixed on our mini + 210 more characters
Thank you very much.... if I am tough, and strong, it's only because I rely very heavily on God and ALL the prayers people are praying for us, AND because I have a lot of great Family and Friends who + 1065 more characters
Hi Everyone, I'm sorry I haven't done much updating on how Ben is doing. On the weekends when I'm here in Miles city, and able to get onto the computer, I work 16 hours each day... so, I don't get ho + 3081 more characters
You are invited to join the family and friends of Ben winkley at a benefit to be held in his honor on Friday, September 24, 2010 at the Range Riders Museum. We will be having a chili dinner with corn + 564 more characters
Hello to All... Recently many of you have read my posts, and the post of Ben's mom, and my grandmother Gloria on telling you all about the unfortunate events that have happened in our fam + 2754 more characters
Hi everyone, My name is Kristine, and you may have already read my previous post about Ben and I and our family. In a quick recap, Ben and I just signed papers at the end of April to buy our home, an + 3419 more characters
Hi Ms. Dinger... Thank you for your prayers. Ben and I, and our family are taking everything one day at a time. We're holding in there, but some days are tough. Ben actually had to go into the ER las + 587 more characters
Thank you very much for the advice, we appreciate all. We have talked abouot what his final wishes are, and do have a loose idea if he isn't able to fight this off. We're still praying and working tow + 64 more characters
Thank you very much for responding to my post. that is a wonderful suggestion, and one that I will be checking into. Also, i will be reposting on here once I find out what we're doing about our benefi + 176 more characters
Thank you very much for your prayers joey, we very much appreciate it, and will keep in contact. Continueing to pray for us would be awesome. I survive on all those prayers. Kristine
Hi Tara, wow, this is all so very crazy. It looks like we're going to be starting radiation on his brain this week, and possible chemo. If there's ever a chance, i would love to get together with you + 180 more characters
Thank you very much for that web site, Ben and i will deffinately be checking it out. we appreciate every bit of help and advice that we are getting at this point. Kristine
Thank you very much for your advice. Ben and I have had many things to consider at this point, and while getting married is hopefully in our future, we have several concerns about doing so at this poi + 114 more characters
Thank you Wendy for responding to my post and for the advice. ben and I are doing much considering of these things, and are greatful that when we signed papers on our home, that the lawyer asked that + 516 more characters
Thank you very much for your prayers and for that bit of advice. It is a great suggestion, and one that we are deffinately considering. My uncle is also an assistant pastor at the Wesleyan church and + 135 more characters
Thank you very much for all the advice, and all your prayers. Ben and I do appreciate it very much. Currently we have been working with an awesome lady from the hospital at Holy Rosary named Rebecca w + 363 more characters
thank you so much for responding to my post. I appreciate all advice that we are givien. Ben and I did start the medicaid process and also with filing for social security disability. and while we were + 395 more characters
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