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I remember The Rogues from when they performed in Miles City in 2000. They were absolutely wonderful and I still listen to their music.
Do you even know a Muslim? Have you ever even met one?
Good grief. Hysteria much?
Well, I wasn't taught ANY history about traffic lights while in college (and yes, the institution was located in this great land). However, I did have a political science professor who tried to erase + 132 more characters
Please give us the honor of an excerpt.
RE: NPR 8 years ago
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What's wrong with The Economist these days?!
I'm pretty sure there's a provision in Obamacare that makes Custer County's Oktoberfest affordable to all
What exactly is the problem with atheism? A lack of morals and/or a lack of historical knowledge? Any other deficiencies that I should know about?
And to think this woman could have been our Vice President.
JWA, again I ask you: what was your experience in the Middle East that has made you an expert? For your information, I have been to the Middle East. I have been welcomed into the homes of conservative + 277 more characters
In general, I am not a fan of religion. What I am less a fan of, however, is when people promote their own religion over another, using fear-mongering tactics, incorrect facts and divine justification + 3086 more characters
Please tell me,JWA, about your time spent "behind the scenes" in the Middle East that have made you an authority on the subject.
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