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Living through it right now here in Phoenix, it's like stepping into a dry sauna.
Your welcome, was awesome meeting this guy.
Italy has always been a bit of a mess economically, but it is good to look at both sides of what we're moving into. As it stands now, we as a richer nation should expect to spend a bit more of healthc + 265 more characters
The Us pays huge amounts on people who need care but can't afford it, they go bankrupt it kicks back to us plus expenses of trying to collect which adds up. On the same end, the US doesn't negotiate a + 639 more characters
What she said, it's actually detrimental to your wallet for the government to exclude people from receiving health care. Refer to my earlier post, as to why. Actually even stopping the health care bil + 807 more characters
Revised my post cause I had video card on the brain, chances are it's something with your motherboard. Did the person just fix the ports or slap a new one in there? If the first I can't be much help a + 417 more characters
The arguement that the average american health rate is what drives up the costs is wrong, yes we're fatter but we also smoke and drink far less than most European countries. They still pay less for he + 486 more characters
Hulu is usually pretty good about getting shows to stream and I loved my Roku when I had it. I'm just going to say you can get every show by simply, if you were inclined to ahem....eschew paid routes, + 388 more characters
The evils of socialism! Like public libraries, police departments, city jobs, and fire. Those departments. Cause man are those things evil. Throwing around socialism like it's the second coming of the + 388 more characters
I think the more important question here is, why does a fridge need wifi? Skynet ladies and gentleman.
This is a great little read, I'd like to see more of a little bit of everything in classes these days. Seems like most students just get a watered down teach for the test education and they're missing + 395 more characters
Crap did I forget old too? Haha, love you! Seriously this town has amazing support from its citizens and public employees let's keep it that way. P.S. If you need a yard forest chopped down just let + 65 more characters
We have a great people in our public employees and I think it is a true testament to the work they do that some people feel we're well off enough to cut these positions or funding. It's the hard work + 1074 more characters
I'm truly sorry to hear about your experience, I'm glad that it resolved in you being safe and on the road to a healthy life, because that is the most important thing out of all of this. I do not thin + 1196 more characters
"Any man will go considerably out of his way to pick up a silver dollar; but here are golden words, which the wisest men of antiquity have uttered, and whose worth the wise of every succeeding age hav + 2083 more characters
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