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The whole favoring students is one of CCDHS's big issues my kids were treated better at Washington than at the high school. If you have THE right name you will go far and be able to play sports, but i + 455 more characters
That depends on who put the fight on there are five different groups that have the MMA fights. I would say talk to Glen at Bojangles and he should get you to the right person.
I think they are good to watch but to each their own........
Knockout Fight League presents 5 STAR MMA Saturday May 8th at 7:30pm At the Omni Center Doors open at 6:30 Advanced ticket sales at BOJANGLES OR get them at the door!! General A + 92 more characters
MMA Knockout Fight League Saturday April 10th, 2010 doors open at 6:30 fights start at 7:30 tickets available at BoJangles, or at the door! $20 general ADM. $35 Reserved. For any inform + 90 more characters
I think it is funny how some people believe their kids do no wrong, lol.... You can't say your kids do no wrong because you are not with them 24/7.. I see quite a few teens in and out of M&H at night + 694 more characters
I often wonder if some of you were teens and remember the chances you took before pointing fingers. Do you really think it is easy being a parent of teens and they are going to follow every rule you g + 514 more characters
I agree it is not everyones business to worry about other peoples probs like this there is more yo worry about than how many teens are pregnant. Welfare don't help if they are under 18 so move on.. I + 389 more characters
This Friday Jan. 15th, 2010, the Omni Center will be hosting the Miles City Meltdown MMA fights at 7:30pm.. Tickets available at BOJANGLES: $20 general adm. $35 reserved seats. Some front row tab + 54 more characters
first off my prayers and thoughts out to the family and second to call someones phone and do that was very immature and unnecessary that person needs to be charged with harrasment or something. we all + 279 more characters
I have to agree it is very direspectful to post an address and/or names of victims or etc., before you know if the family even knows first that is why they don't give names and exact addresses out. Pe + 100 more characters
I find it funny that everyone picks at the girl here but what about teaching the boys to use condoms and pay for there actions they are the ones that just walk or run away when they get girls pregnant + 87 more characters
I agree with some of you, but his baby deserve the respect to be left out of the spotlight, I think. I can't think of a punishment that fits this crime. I just wonder what they were thinking at the ti + 241 more characters
my only question is is why weren't the other three present at this also charge by accountability? They were just as guilty for not stopping this before or while it went on. Also leave an innocent chil + 160 more characters
WOW! Getting a little off track of what the thread is about. I am waiting to see what the out come of all this is and see what charges are giving giving to the two persons in question. I am still not + 66 more characters
so what is the basement situation you only lost your basement in a house fire or you live in a basement? If all you lost is your basement you should feel lucky. I am behind MCFR 100% they work there b + 326 more characters
"Sounds like Billings Clinic is trying to get rid of the best doctor that ever existed." so very true Dr. Rauh is a great and caring Dr. and he will be dearly missed
Like I said on the other one you have pointed out that I am a pos and a hypocrite I have no clue about this site and how it works I won't post on your site again sorry for anything I have said
you seem to like copy and paste. Excuse me for making a mistake and being a pos. I will not post on your site again because as you have pointed out I am a hypocite and probably the only one around.
It just gets irratating when someone asks questions and just cause they are new in town or to this site they tend to get bash I did make judgements and yes I was wrong to do that. and I guess I didn't + 60 more characters
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