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Putting 11,000 high paid workers on the unemployment lines, and violating his own mask mandate on Federal property at the Lincoln Memorial...not a good start.
Rename the party to Communist Democrats and clearly state it's true divide and conquer agenda for America, admit that he is a Communist, pedophile, liar, murderer, thief, apply for citizenship in Chi + 194 more characters
Hey Greg I can tell you're a real genius by your punctuation and spelling, people with your intelligence level should probably use spell check. Next you should research and fact check what you can and + 128 more characters
Biden & Harris are Communist Democrats. How do you think the next 4 years will go for the economy, international trade and commerce, and your 401k/IRA's? Y'all were either peeing and crapping your dia + 533 more characters
Spoken like a true dyed in the wool Communist Democrat, congratulations...or whatever you want to call patting yourself on the back to be. If you don't like the current President, put on your big boy + 702 more characters
Sounds like you are listening to the Communist Democrats lies ... and you say others should get a brain, hhmmmm
Try Saw some for sale last night [Edited by Chuckie (4/12/2020 8:24:58 PM)]
President Trump early travel ban most like saved countless thousands of lives, or did you forget that? You believe all the made up news these fake news outlets manufacture and then take it as gospel + 722 more characters
So you just refuse to face the facts or educate yourself? Sad state is right... url
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