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On August 20th, Helen Bonine celebrates her 100th birthday! Grama Helen, as most of us know her, currently resides in an assisted living facility in Powell, WY. While her eyesight is nearly gone, her + 387 more characters
Richard submitted ten of his favorite puns to a national contest, hoping one of them would win... no pun intended!
Not to take anything away from the Cowboys in the 'Zero Week' game, but Powell has an uphill battle this year. url
An enterprising zookeeper would cash in on all of the extra activity by forcing all of the reporters to assemble in an orderly manner at the gate, where he could assess his surcharge. You know........ + 117 more characters
Entropy isn't what it used to be...
One good tern deserves another..... A sailor trying to sneak back to his ship about 3 o'clock in the morning was spotted by a chief petty officer who ordered him to explain his tardiness. The lame ex + 696 more characters
Someone is always peddling stolen merchandise...
Richard, On the page that David posted, click on
You should then have the option to open the playlist in iTunes.
Why can't it be a time to refrain...?
Maybe Richard will end his social experiment soon...!
Compared to some other siblings, yes!
url I'm not specifically endorsing this product line, but it is a good resource for the different types of floor heating. For new construction, I would stay away from the under floor systems. They are + 129 more characters
mini-split a/c url
pot... kettle... repeat... accountability starts with the mirror.
MC 21 - Powell 20
Steve, we could say that the pun is just average, but that would be mean..!
Perhaps everyone is mourning the slow, methodical, inevitable advance of petrification that stalks those around us and causes them to achieve, at last, "Old Geezer" status..... Happy 50th, Richard!!
Rick the real humor is in resurrecting this thread...!
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