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It's pretty easy to call people names when they vote in cheeto Hitler as president. But what do I know? I'm pretty sure Amorette and her love of history help her make very sound assessments of others + 540 more characters
I'm just curious where the intelligent discourse is on these issues. It's insane how much an FBI investigation into a sitting president's campaign is being downplayed when just a few months ago Hillar + 1900 more characters
Bumping this anonymously (although if you really wanna know who I am, I could tell you) because I find it interesting that Britney Yuhas now posts here under "MRS MATZICK" so beware if she is asking f + 1101 more characters
Thank you Webmaster for removing the photo. I realized later I could have just unhosted it myself. I appreciate it! Thank you everyone for the suggestions. It sounds like she will be busy for the next + 9 more characters
Ah, yes. I tried to remove it, but I couldn't locate the edit button :/
Thanks for the advice. Do you know if she will qualify for a library card while she is there? She loves to read and I've sent about 30 books with her, but she's read most of them. I hope she can find + 25 more characters
Not sure if this belongs in classifieds or not, so I'll put it here for now. My daughter is coming up to stay with her father for the next month. We live in a huge town in California and I'm worried s + 747 more characters
What is "Theros Standard?" Isn't Theros legal as of the 27th of September? Oh you mean Gameday? Got it. I wish I still lived up there, but sadly I'm dominating FNM's here. B/G midrange <3
I'm with Wendy W. on this. Finally a thread worth reading! I will attempt to sum everything up. 1. Mrs. M was in a panic about youth prisoners working in town. If you haven't looked at Miles City in a + 2274 more characters
I tried trader joes and vons this morning, NO LUCK. The distributors at vons didn't even have it. I am very sad
Question. Does anyone here have a source for rhubarb? I swear I could find cocaine easier than rhubarb. I need some for my Thanksgiving pie. Also, I need it shipped to California, and pretty fast so + 242 more characters
This one made my day! url
I don't believe it's libel. Laura would have to prove all accusations against her are untrue, and seeing as the facts presented are all either opinion or true, she does NOT have grounds for libel. If + 578 more characters
No, I am not a delivery driver anymore. This was a few years ago. I wouldn't have revealed that earlier (Maybe I did, IDK.) Perhaps it isn't exactly relevant to the conversation in the way you were th + 455 more characters
I've said this before and I'll say it again. I can NOT attest to her pet sitting abilities as I never have used her service(and never would). I CAN say she does make many harassing phone calls if she + 1599 more characters
Want a candidate that is serious about fiscal reform? Want to elect someone who has proven he can fix bad issues? Want someone that is Liberal and Conservative? VOTE GARY JOHNSON! url Best Candidate + 10 more characters
Do we even try to explain the Federal Reserve, The War on Iraq/Afghanistan, or other ways our country has fallen into debt? Angel2, it's not like Obama is sitting there everyday in his oval office sig + 1404 more characters
I've got to say, why would I listen to Angel2 when she can't even articulate the message? Obama is not a businessman, but he is a damn good person. This country needs a damn good person to run this co + 36 more characters
Bump. Please call THIS NUMBER and THIS NUMBER and EMAIL. When you call select option 5 for Laura, wait twenty minutes, give a full detailed report of anything you saw including breathing patterns. Si + 2 more characters
Posting an honest opinion once- OK Posting your honest opinion over and over with no replies- NOT OK I think that's pretty simple
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