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Before some of you start throwing stones you may want to look st the Democratic Party and the current administration. Do you know how the Nazi Party and Hitler convinced the people to accept the Nazi + 418 more characters
I find it's kind of silly how so many of you are willing to condemn Trump yet you say nothing about Biden who is way worse for our country than Trump. Where is all the hate towards Biden who, along wi + 783 more characters
Considering all the info I have been able to find I settled for a small indoor antenna from Walmart. Also bought a different TV that has "free" LG channels but have to use WiFi data to watch those. If + 210 more characters
With Midrivers quitting cable TV it might be of interest to many about how to switch to an antenna. What kind works best in MC? Big ones? Little ones? Rabbit ears? How do you hook one up? How many cha + 158 more characters
Bridgier...think about it. If masks don't seal and stuff can get in by going around the same applies for stuff getting out, even more so because it's being expelled with more force. In both cases prot + 528 more characters
In response to Frank's question...wearing masks during surgery is a different situation. There's a long explanation. Don't know if I can condense it down. They aren't dealing with an airborne virus bu + 1471 more characters
It's hard to believe how gullible the general public is on this topic. Many of us who were in the military trained for chemical and biological warfare and know these masks everyone are wearing are use + 1066 more characters
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