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Thanks for the thoughts Don, I agree. Could this thread be deleted now? I didnt post this in the discussion forums for this precise reason, however an admin moved it here from the classified section. + 185 more characters
I am on the email list already, thanks! I have permission from the farm to display their name. They pay a quarterly fee to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense fund for the legal stuff. They said they h + 434 more characters
Lol thanks Gunnar. It is herd share's and they are selling it legally. If you are that concerned about it you may call them and ask for their papers. And it is never illegal to purchase or drink raw m + 152 more characters
Hi everyone, I am looking for interest in a biweekly raw milk delivery to Miles City. I have been in contact with the owners of Four Dot Farm in Joliet, MT and we are working out some details and are + 1424 more characters
Well it is donation based, so the program relies on donations of diapers from others in the community. Each disposable diaper can only be used once and then is thrown away, whereas the cloth diapers c + 789 more characters
I am now a Share the Love volunteer host for the Miles City area. Share the Love is a nationwide cloth diaper bank and depends on donations from within the community. The goal is to help families in n + 936 more characters
The Miles City Star link does not work, says page not found
what ages are the art classes for? it does not say. what about the library's summer reading program and guest speakers, what age group is this for? thanks
Thank you very much
I'm giving someone directions and dont remember what the exit number is for the Haynes Ave exit off the interstate. Does anyone recall? Thanks
I've been wondering the same thing. When we moved into our current house the previous owners left a bunch of what I consider nasty cleaning supplies, and they've just been taking up space. They're all + 111 more characters
I miss pete and megan too I think Jeremy is trying very hard but 1 person can't do it all :/ I've had mixed experiences, and really miss the sourdough bread!! But that cheesecake about a week ago tha + 18 more characters
I have some I will share! Please call or text 406-852-6206, I'll teach u how to use them too
There is MOPS and MOPS playgroup. It's a good way to meet other parents and find her some friends. The next meeting is this Monday at 6:30pm in Grace Bible Church. Daycare is provided
What is door 804? I might be interested in a running club. Do you mean like long distance running, sprints, both depending on preference? I'm more of a sprinter myself And I love to walk with the kid + 11 more characters
Ah that sounds amazing Lincoln! Do you grow everything organically? Do you have your own milk goats? Housing does seem to be scarce around here, it is true Where are you moving from? You can also ema + 133 more characters
I think spots are $5 per day. IDK who to contact. What is your business/what will you be selling?
And does anyone know the times? Thanks
I think following people home from the gas stations might be more productive. I have seen so many people who I suspected were drunk going into gas stations, buying beer and driving away.
Didnt sound like trains or fireworks on the south side where I am and house did shake a tiny bit, not much though. That does remind me tho that a few night ago I did hear fireworks pretty close to my + 152 more characters
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