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Just curious here..How many of you that are bashing Trump are going to be sending that stimulus check back?
Had mid rivers try to keep $200 for an early termination claim but since its month to month I looked things over and called them, after telling them nothing was signed saying they could do it they sen + 103 more characters
Why aren't they moving to the downtown? Because it seems the city fathers are more interested in the high priced lots on Haynes by the interstate is why..was also thinking it could be the fact they do + 161 more characters
And yet not even 4 days after we started on cleaning the property we bought we were informed we had 2 weeks to get it cleaned..and this has been going on at these places for how long? Seems if they wa + 359 more characters
But..why was there no mention of any other "offender" except the Brush person? Don't the others go out in public where there are kids as well? or is this a personal vendetta against 1 person?
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