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Tom, when I looked at the CBM site, it said the meeting in Miles City was on the 9th at 11:00 a.m. and not the 10th at 8:00 a.m. Who's right? Richard said: "CBM water gives us a resource to get some g + 1587 more characters
I suppose there are quotes in there also supporting global warming, the destruction of the rain forests, drilling in ANWR..... I had hoped for an intelligent conversation on the energy summit. Instead + 49 more characters
How did I know you'd be the first to check in?
I'm wondering if anyone else is watching the news on the state energy summit going on in Bozeman. There's certainly a lot up for grabs. Pat Davison is saying the state needs to "go forward in using th + 542 more characters
I wish I'd stopped and gotten one more latte....
Miles City - Waiting for someone to save us.
Miles City - City of subdued excitement.
Miles City - It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here. Not original, but it is appropriate.
Has anyone ever recalled a restaurant?
Since I'm not aware of people's backgrounds on this site, Richard, I'd like to ask you what you mean about the reclamation projects you talk about. I am interested. This isn't meant to be a flame or a + 3100 more characters
What Miles City has is history, open country, an incredible river, cowboys, ranching, a college, a lifestyle....this community has more potential to be a destination place than many I've seen. I disag + 1815 more characters
Santa Cruz was during one of those scary transition times. Lived in a cabin in Ben Lomond.....miss that great restaurant in Davenport where you could get the best breakfasts in the world while looking + 1423 more characters
I find it curious that someone would be "scared to death" to move to Miles City. After living in 17 communities (at last count), this community and the people in it have been the most welcoming that I + 889 more characters
I think back to when I was growing up in Cody and my mom gardened and put up shelves and shelves of canned goods and we had an extra freezer full of frozen peas, corn, etc. etc. We purchased our milk + 1174 more characters
"Well actually.. sometimes we don't vote them in... but uh.." I know what you're saying, I was just trying to keep things short and to the point.
I agree with Van, that corporate America runs this country (crack open some books and start reading). We might be "free", but our choices are certainly getting more limited all the time. Every time I + 517 more characters
I guess I like armpits because I can stand outside my home south of Terry on any given evening and not hear or see anything HUMAN!! There are no engine noises or lights. All I hear are the crickets an + 515 more characters
I had to saddle mine and it was uphill both ways.....
Did anyone else read Friday's Bill O'Reilly column entitled, "Katrina a lesson on poverty"? In a nutshell, the column was talking about the opportunities available here in the US. I think O'Reilly had + 514 more characters
I haven't posted for a long time, but wanted to after reading about everyone's feelings about Katrina and our government. I've also been reading a lot of posts about right versus left. From personal e + 1903 more characters
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