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RE: My ex... 17 years ago
love those good ol pappies and grammies for their words of wisdom, and im sure they forgive us when we become adults and learn the value of EX-pression ....right Gary?
my personal and all time favorite is SMILE, its the second best thang you can do with your lips.......which could also be added to the whats on your mind forum!! hmmmm....
what a great idea i must say im very glad to hear people in your community arre noticing what a mess the place is have been doing some house hunting there and the only few choices i came up with i did + 362 more characters
RE: My ex... 18 years ago
I didnt read all the replys so im not sure if any one else said this but i have been separated for 3 years now and i would never refer to him as my ex anything once i booted him he has no ties whatsoe + 331 more characters
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