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Miles City's own 13U All-Star team, the Mudcats, just clinched their first Babe Ruth State Championship with a win over Helena on Sunday July 12, 2015, at our historic Connors Stadium at Denton Sports + 681 more characters
I'm in....1000% on any help needed for planning and implementation . I have a couple of uncles that are in the construction business and I would discuss with them any assistance they would be willing + 225 more characters
Thanks for the idea...I will call county health on Monday!! Would rather see the money stay in the community or at least in the state!! Great idea!!
I'm not sure that we have narrowed down a specific foundation...we have looked at a couple. This is one url If you have any suggestions to help the boys in making their decision I'm sure it would be g + 19 more characters
Come join the Miles City Mavericks as they host Miles City Little League/Breast Cancer Awareness Night at Denton Field. The public is welcome to come to enjoy the game and support the teams....along w + 545 more characters
My boys and my daughter have played baseball and softball for years. NEVER have I seen such a thing happen. The deal with Brandon was a tragedy and with this boy as well. I feel for their family, frie + 687 more characters
Does anyone know of somebody who does alterations in Miles City. Have a dress that needs some adjustments done by April 12th!!!
Hey Margaret what is the cutoff age for Babe Ruth??? Im sure hes too old but he was wondering....wanted to play both for more practice.
If you are a parent who has borrowed or rented equipment last year PLEASE PLEASE return it. Someone will be at the building Mon. and TUES. evening for sign ups. If you cant make it the please call Jen + 22 more characters
You bet girls are allowed!!!!
I hope this answers some questions...... Sign ups will be held Monday Jan 17th and Tues Jan 18th from 6:30 to 7:30 at the Heinz Wrestling Complex. (605 Bridge) ***BRING A COPY OF YOUR CHILDS BIRTH C + 1485 more characters
Sign ups will be held in early to mid January and there will be a note passed out to the students at school to be brought home. There will also be an ad in the Miles City Star and possibly on the radi + 202 more characters
Wilson meats here too!! You get YOUR meat back! Have used him for the last 3 yrs and wont go anywhere else!
It is really sad to me that there are friends and family of this woman that are on here. I understand that people have a right to their own opinions, however I find it sad that the families get drug i + 407 more characters
Wow you are something else.
SMILEY Just thought I would add that if you are going to throw stones maybe you should watch how you act with your own child in the MCC parking lot when you don't think anyone else is watching. And if + 214 more characters
WOW!!!!!????? Build a bridge and get over it! If those people want to go to Johns benefit and donate time, money or goods thats their decision. Being such bitter people will get you nowhere in life... + 150 more characters
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