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I didn't feel I had the right to say who she was on a forum - her privacy - you know. You need to find something to do. I will not waste my time with you and am calling Tori to advise her to do the sa + 21 more characters
I posted that for Tori. When she found her dog, she posted. What's the big deal? What are you looking for? I assure you I am not in politics.
I have no idea what you are talking about. I have said my name on here before...Cindy Kee
Why is Tori being called Vicki when she said her real name was Victoria? Just curious.
That was nice luvlife!
Scott Peterson was convicted of killing his wife and son. No murder weapon. No known cause of death. He had a girlfriend (doesn't mean he was a killer). Was it the way the case was presented that conv + 10 more characters
Justice was not served for Caylee - my opinion.
I agree NicoleB!
She reminds me of Scott Peterson during his trial; those eyes and face with no expression.
Her mom guilty? Not that it would being Caylee back....
does he live in town and really have a sheep!!!!
Yep, Agent Orange, in Vietnam. My husband suffers from the after effects of it.
I could think of a few choice words for her but do not think it would be printed. She needs help!
What's her problem!!!!!
Keith Whitney: Don't Close Your Eyes I know you loved him A long time ago Even now in my arms You still want him I know But darling this time Let your memories die When you hold me tonight Don't close + 946 more characters
RE: Suicide 12 years ago
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Unless someone has walked in your shoes, they do not understand. Rather that be someone that has lost a child to suicide, to cancer, a spouse to another person, OR depression, unrelenting depression.. + 250 more characters
RE: Suicide 12 years ago
in Current Events
Well said, Amorette!
What a bunch of uncaring people on here. But then there are certain ones that always are. I won't bother to respond again.
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