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Looking to make some money for school. So if anyone needs some help with computer problems or is looking for someone to build them a cheap computer, you can shoot me an e-mail through here or give me + 106 more characters
The Macho Man saved our asses in May, but he won't be able to catch J.C. by surprise this time, as he's been cast down to Hades to give Hitler his daily watermelon (punishment/reward I guess). So we'l + 164 more characters
Same thing's happened at Newegg. A lot of there recent promotional deals have been cut off as their stock of HDD's has gone down. Today was the first time I've seen not a single drive featured in one + 29 more characters
Satellite connections are pretty atrocious when it comes to any form of streaming. There seems to be a latency issue caused by the lag between the actual rebound of the signal with it's trip from and + 220 more characters
Levi are you on a satellite connection by chance?
This looks like a really useful tool. I just wonder how bad they're going to rip you off for the replacement ink cartridges.
Because that that's coming from a fellow geek, I'll accept that as a compliment. But you can't blame me for trying to get my hands on some cheap hardware, that is IF it's still around.
Just wondering about the fate of the old machine you were running this cam with. Is it still around? If it is, and it's fubar to trash state, I'd be glad to take it off your hands. I could fiddle with + 175 more characters
That's not Orton, just some other piece of white trash...
I really appreciate all the suggestions guys. I should be able to find a nice, pretty one out of all these.
With this build, I decided to try out amd's APUs to save on space and allow a little more air flow. So I'm looking for something kind of thin and almost blu-ray player like. I've also been staying awa + 356 more characters
Sorry. Forgot to mention it's a micro atx board. I frequent newegg a lot and I think most of their cases are overpriced. I was just trying to see if anybody had seen any specific deals recently that s + 17 more characters
Looking to slap together a media machine, and was wondering if anyone had seen any decent as well as sleek looking htpc cases around. Preferably under 80 bucks.
As far as I can tell, my previous post was a completely neutral one. I can't find any trace of an insult to either side in this debate. I was merely trying to show the pointlessness of it, and keep mi + 104 more characters
I'm surprised no one's mentioned the fact that a machine's OS really has nothing to do with it's susceptibility to attacks. Mac's and PC's are built with the same hardware (just differently priced); t + 532 more characters
I was also going to mention the APU route but overlooked it. APU's would be a great option in a scenario like this. The only downside is less processing power for your dollar, but that shouldn't matte + 193 more characters
Here's a build off Newegg with identical if not better specs. Processor: url MOBO: url Memory: url HDD: url Subtotal: 343.96 The board is Mini-ITX form factor so it should be discrete enough. The i5 p + 583 more characters
I'm continually working on random pc projects, so I'd be more than happy to take any computers or parts off your hands.
I can believe Mr. Bolton's career has crashed and burned to this level.
I sure hope not Bridgier, because that would be a damn shame for Miles City...
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