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Kacey, My step-mother is a nurse in Billings and she also serves as a medical expert in malpractice and other medical trials. Because she works in Billings, she does not testify against local medical + 156 more characters
Will David Beckham be here? If so, I'll gladly volunteer!!!!
Best wishes on your journey!
This sounds like an interesting story. Could someone tell us non-natives about it?
We really had a good time. Kara was a total professional and did so well with my young daughter. I enjoyed looking at all the Baby Crazy products and Jess, you were a great representative for Baby Cra + 34 more characters
Miss Marm should definitely say something about those outhouses!
What's the building next to the school?
We had our appointment this morning, and boy, does it take a special person to photograph kids all day! They did a great job and I can't wait to see the prints. Great fundraiser, and I am happy to sup + 30 more characters
The look on that kid's face is priceless!
Cory--I agree, the Wynkoop is excellent. Another great place is McMennamin's in Forest Grove, Oregon. They make a Ruby Ale that's really good.
Way to go, Pioneers!
Valley Girl, with Nicholas Cage. Like, totally radical, yet so gag me with a spoon.
Stone--I was going to mention Pisser's Palace. Anything in Walkerville is a bit scary. Also, the Scoop, which is down in the shadow of the pit.
My dad stopped at the Stonewall once (with me in tow; I was about 17) on the way to Rapid City for a restroom stop. I swear, I have never peed so fast in my life! And this was the middle of the day so + 228 more characters
Dano's in Butte the weekend before Sturgis is pretty interesting. Now that Sturgis is mostly rich dudes on their expensive hobbies, it's not so bad, but it's a biker bar where you better know your bus + 85 more characters
Nobody mentioned the Bison?
There's a great article about Tulo in the latest Sports Illustrated, as well as some serious up-and-comers. I'm really excited about these young guys around the league (Tulo, Francouer, McCann, Zimmer + 117 more characters
One time I decided it would be a good idea to get a little harness and leash for my fat cat. She wasn't getting any exercise just lounging around on the couch and dreaming about tuna. She held still w + 420 more characters
I've got UCLA as well. If anyone's interested, we've got a group on called Miles City, Montana if you'd like to join. Just a little friendly competition!, NCAA Men, Tourney Challeng + 29 more characters
I went to both of Chrysti's presentations last year, and she is great! Highly recommend this!
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