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Thanks very much Gunnar, for your kind comments. How does it feel to sit in your ivory tower of 'I know it all, and the rest of you are trash that don't have the mental capacity to grasp what I'm t + 21 more characters
I'd be glad to sit and have a beer with you...all of you, in fact. I'm thankful that I'm still alive to say that... And I really would like to consider that beer thing...I'd travel over to MC for s + 48 more characters
My home burned years ago in Florida just as I was starting out...I had a wife and two small kids. It was devastating... my heart goes out to him and his family. Is there somewhere that donations are b + 10 more characters
It seems to be a recurring theme to accuse those who attend Tea Party meetings of recieving some kind of government benefit, usually medicare, social security or something similar. Of course, many of + 353 more characters
Political Correctness is all about boundaries, but seems to have none. There needs to be balance in all things. are right ... I did. Webmaster...please delete my posts.
And there's this article in Slate: url
And there's this from the TSA: url My guess is that it won't be long until we are not allowed to use cameras while passing through or are near airport security.
So, Polar Bear, you are saying that if you are really a Christian, you are perfect, you don't use vulgar language, you don't make mistakes, you always use your turn signal, etc?'re right, but it goes the other way too. Regulations need to have some stopping point. How many people have to fall down stairs and break their neck before we outlaw two story dwellings or + 257 more characters
Meat loaf/Mac & Cheese for lunch today! Yumm!
I see a lot of effort to send this discussion down different paths, probably because it's not going where some people like. The discussion was about Health Care, not the Department of Homeland Securit + 2449 more characters
The storms seem to have missed us here in Billings...but it is COLD. Last night I left early as the storm was coming in, the wind was blowing so hard the First Interstate Tower was was di + 186 more characters
Yes, David...I see what was intended as the irony in the title. It's only irony if you choose to believe that the man would campaign so strongly on an issue, and then make a ludicrous contrary stateme + 952 more characters
Denise, Did you honestly take my statement: to imply:
Good point Bridgier ... I just don't have time to look it all up. You win.
I don't think his statement was spin...I think it was a calculated move. But we'll probably argue that forever and neither of us will agree. On the company providing insurance... my company, and the + 871 more characters
Gonna make me recall my history, are you? As I recall, there were issues with borders in dispute, cultural differences that had been increasing in pressure for many years. Look at Poland's position in + 1351 more characters
I love both Montana and Nyah Nyah on all of you who don't like them. If you want desolate, depressing, bleak and completely worthless south from Mountain Home, Idaho o + 589 more characters much for civility again. I'm sure you could read about anything you wanted into that article. If you read it all the way though, it seems he was trying to prove a point. Businesses are able to + 385 more characters
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