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Hi Tim, Thanks for stating your interest, and I'm sorry that the presentation times won't work with your work schedule. I hope everyone understands that there is never a time of day that is convenien + 604 more characters
MILES CITY PRESERVARAMA COME ONE COME ALL First Presbyterian Church - Basement* 1401 Main St. 11:30 Benefits of Historic Preservation Rolene Schliesman, State Historic Preservation Office 1:00 Mon + 604 more characters
Just a quick update on the progress that's being made - and this project is progressing! First, it was a wonderful surprise to receive some contributions in the mail last week. A huge THANK YOU to th + 1644 more characters
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - Page 1 MILES CITY STAR Flood plain ordinance passed 5-2 By Elaine Forman The floodplain ordinance passed with a vote of 5-2 at the last council meeting, with Councilmen Lero + 2466 more characters
If you've been waiting for the last minute to buy flood insurance and "grandfather" in at the lower "Zone B" rate category, the time has come. There is still time to contact your insurance agent, but + 61 more characters
The period for purchasing flood insurance in time to grandfather in the lower rate category will soon come to an end, according to officials with the City of Miles City. New flood insurance policies + 2930 more characters
The Miles City Retired and Senior Volunteer Program will join other Senior Corps Programs for National & Community Service projects to help the Montana Supporting Soldiers organization gather much nee + 4258 more characters
You are invited to attend Miles City's Second Annual Arbor Day Celebration. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 21, 2010 (tomorrow!) at 1:30 p.m. at The Cornerstone, the award-winning project + 1017 more characters
What is becoming evident in this thread is the fact that there are many variables that determine the price of insurance that any one customer will pay. Those variables include the company that holds t + 871 more characters
The medical transportation program was a pilot program funded through the Custer County Council on Aging. The program was not funded or managed through RSVP. RSVP only arranged for volunteer drivers. + 2716 more characters
Thank you, Mandyrosy, for providing accurate and timely information. Those are excellent questions, Atomicq. In fact, you've just captured in a nutshell the exact questions that will be at the heart + 2606 more characters
(As published in the MILES CITY STAR on Friday, February 26, 2010) MILES CITY REQUESTS FEDERAL APPROPRIATION FOR $250K CORPS FLOOD ABATEMENT STUDY by Mayor Joe Whalen Following a productive meeting wi + 2218 more characters
I'm not sure why the above link won't work. The FEMA website for the NFIP program is url. Another helpful online resource is the FEMA library url, which offers an extensive library of pamphlets, broc + 209 more characters
GUEST EDITORIAL BY MAYOR JOE WHALEN Second in a Series As published in the Miles City Star on January 26, 2010 MILES CITY, MT., JANUARY 26, 2010: Yesterday, the City of Miles City received a Letter of + 3558 more characters
GUEST EDITORIAL BY MAYOR JOE WHALEN As published in the Miles City Star on January 19, 2010 After exhausting all procedural options in pursuit of the development of a controlling document that accurat + 2767 more characters
If you have EVER wanted to do something to deal with the things you don't like about this or that aspect of Miles City's appearance, then come to the KEEP MILES CITY BEAUTIFUL meeting tomorrow. 2:00 a + 119 more characters
Each session will last approximately one hour. There is no charge!
The two Seven Sources, Three Reasons workshops will be similar in scope, but the content of each seminar is highly dependent on the audience because the questions they pose and the ideas they suggest + 593 more characters
Sue Smith from the national office of Keep America Beautiful, Inc., will be providing two workshops for teachers, clergy and youth ministers, community leaders, parents, students --- in short, EVERYON + 2221 more characters
Remember to mark your calendars for next Saturday, Nov. 7th starting at 9:00 and wrapping up around 2:30 - or come and go as you please. The schedule of classroom sessions will be released early next + 293 more characters
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