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I'm not sure why I got drug into this.... My reading skills are fine. Wtf?
It used to be there was a storm spotter class once or twice a year. I've tried 3 years now to go to it and some event has kept me from it every time. Didn't see notice anywhere for it this year ???
I'm restoring an old pie safe that has been in my family for many years. Underneath one of the drawers in pencil is written what looks like C& Co. Miles City. Anybody?
I have a ps2. It is just collecting dust.
Does he have a bright orange collar.....
Darn...the title of this thread got me all excited. Was even gonna check the news...
is your dog the one listed in the classified ads as being found by stockman bank? is a young kelpie mix with a red collar.
Poor flatts...may he find the great sunflower seed patch in the sky.
That is exactly the reason.
Why? For the same reason that it has gotten minimal TV cover age...because there aren't enough people affected...and that came from the billings TV station. Makes me mad. I had to evac my folks from + 3 more characters
Hey that's cool Kasey, I appreciate when I have to go do things I know that my house is safe because I have someone as wonderful and caring as you to look out for things. That's great! I jus + 34 more characters
Hey Kasey...Dianne is the one I was going to talk to. Is your name Dianne? Stay in your lemon OK? And let the adults talk.
Dear dianne. I do not go down the alley to harass your dogs and I would think you know better. I have also told you to your face to keep your dogs in the yard. I think it is flatly rude to say that n + 745 more characters
Hey I can drive down my alley if I want to. I live on the other end of the block that makes me an immediate neighbor. We share the alley. Who made it anyone's business to tell anyone which alley they + 610 more characters
Dear Kasey, go take care of your mom...keep yourself busy. You need something to do with your time. I live down the block from the zoo. I see what goes on. All the time, all day. And I don't have to a + 250 more characters
Yes, I agree that Diane is trying to help. However I live down the street from her and if my dog was out of the yard as much as hers have been in the last 18 years, I would have a ticket...multiple ti + 1107 more characters
giggle! so ... if your name is Robert Dick...does that mean that your nickname was foreskin or ouch?
I must live under a rock. Never heard a darned thing about this one.
Holy rosary does not have a wonderful charity program. They make you feel like you are less that dirt when you go in to apply. The less than charming person I got my application from told me that she + 392 more characters
Did anyone realize that Miles City Cemetary is the only one for miles that doesn't have an available directory onsite? Forsyth, Terry, Broadus, heck even Cohagen has a directory onsite. Instead we are + 346 more characters
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