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Hi Betty, That was my first job after high school, and way back in the cobwebs of my memory I do recall getting you in to Rowland Thomas. I started out at $.64 an hour and I got a raise to $.74 just b + 329 more characters
Hi, I can verify that Rowland-Thomas was originally in the Masonic Temple, I still remember the smell of that old building!! I also worked for Bob Mountain and the very old Rowland Thomas at the time. + 465 more characters
You probably don't remember me, but I lived next door to you on Missouri in 1948. You were just a little kid and I was a big high school student!! My parents ran the little neighborhood grocery store, + 385 more characters
Hi Betty, Boy, my memory must be shot! I can't remember you working at Rowland Thomas with me???? Did you type tax returns like I did for $.74 an hour? I worked at the telephone co. in the business of + 161 more characters
Betty, how nice to hear from you. My parents turned that hotel into a sort of rooming house and they turned the kitchen and dining room into an apartment where they lived for about 20 years. They boug + 473 more characters
I graduated from CCHS in 1951 and we used to go out to Leon Park and dance in the crystal ball room to the music of Pop Konkright. The biggest challenge was to get past the "bouncer" at the front door + 262 more characters
I just discovered this web site. What a great way to recall Miles City. I can take you way back to when the Harmony Hangout was at the VFW hall across from the swimming pool. Remember "Go Western Days + 691 more characters
My parents ran the St. Paul Hotel from sometime in the 60's to the late 80's. Their names were Ray and Al Boese. They sold all the interior furnishings at an auction and then I believe it was taken ov + 483 more characters
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