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Repairing the church towers would have been more than the church could afford I’m told. The project is still not done. The lift used was ours and it’s on another job now. As a foot note look at the to + 141 more characters
So the question one needs to ask of you fisherman is whether it’s fact or fiction that a fisherman pees on their hands before baiting a hook?
Back again.
The eagle baby wasn’t on the nest this morning.
flight school is coming soon.
I haven’t ate there yet but people that I know have. They report it was very good.
The baby eagle is really growing and very active now.
Doug Fleming was shot and killed by William French jr March 5 1973 at the Olive.
This is all that has been posted. It from the Anaconda funeral home. Longfellow Finnegan Riddle SCHAFER -- Shelley Schafer, 64, of Anaconda, died on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at her residence in Anaconda. + 21 more characters
Thank you Marty. Still some weeks ahead until flight or grade school.
The baby is growing. Does anyone know how old it is.
I agree with Sunny. There are no leaves on the trees.
The car was owned by Richard “Dick“ Murphy still of Miles City. Several people think the driver was Doc Balsm.
Has anyone heard that the Eagles Club has closed for good?
If I not mistaken Prairie County did not exist until the 1900s. Prairie County would have been a part of Dawson County.
Rob I read the law of void. Interesting? Not really. After reading this document I think you are saying that when the public nuisance complaints were filled against you they were invalid because no pe + 557 more characters
Rob I certainly cannot agree with all of your interpretations of the definition of curtilige. The definition I read uses the phrase “the separate intimate activities of their own respective occupants + 660 more characters
Contact Floyd Gable Jr. He raises sugar beets I'm told. The dump at Kinsey has been closed for years.
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