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Google old US highway 312. Click on End of US highway 312- US This site will unravel some confusion on 312. US highway 212 is depicted on old maps as starting at Yellowstone park. Going towa + 113 more characters
Elliott Miller lived north of Miles City near Angela. Verlin Miller passed away recently was Elliott’s youngest son. Gary Miller care taker of the Range Riders museum is a nephew I believe.
I believe Dave’s fireworks stand is open.
David I don’t know who the owner is but I just read the thread and would have directed Pam to David Thompson. I would guess he knows.
Ship I was wondering about this double jeopardy you refer to? Does it involve the time volunteers cleaned your yard? Also I did a check at the courthouse and no fees have been paid to file a suit nor + 124 more characters
You are welcome Ship. Most of the things you state I certainly can’t answer because I don’t know or choose not to understand. My comment to you about Butte? I only know it doesn’t take 14 years to sol + 123 more characters
Hanson was correct. Ship appealed his city public nuisance charge to district court. He lost the appeal and is to be sentenced today.
I guess I was missing something in Ships $17,000,000 lawsuit. I was told today he was convicted in district court and is to be sentenced March 23 for his display area around his house. Is this true?
I was in doubt what a winklebean was so I googled it. So it’s not a leprechaun. It is a wooden monster with interchangeable parts. I guess if it were painted green it could be a St. Patrick’s day mons + 4 more characters
Ship part of what you say is correct. “No other town in Montana would carry this vendetta on for 14 years”. My family owns real estate in Butte. I can assure you once Butte/Silver Bow rules on a publi + 199 more characters
I think the picture of the phone booth was taken at the Nelson Creek access to Fort Peck reservoir on Mt24. If it is that phone booth it is gone now.
From the last 2 pictures posted I’m guessing they are a homestead north of Broadus next to the highway. The other buildings may be somewhere in the same region but I would guess south towards Biddle.
Repairing the church towers would have been more than the church could afford I’m told. The project is still not done. The lift used was ours and it’s on another job now. As a foot note look at the to + 141 more characters
So the question one needs to ask of you fisherman is whether it’s fact or fiction that a fisherman pees on their hands before baiting a hook?
Back again.
The eagle baby wasn’t on the nest this morning.
flight school is coming soon.
I haven’t ate there yet but people that I know have. They report it was very good.
The baby eagle is really growing and very active now.
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Dang spellcheck. I meant marigolds.
I’ll take the marijuana plants.