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The show get's boring when you drive off the help
Forums of "mewbie" post"s are instantly attacked by the main. We should welcome new input,
A billion dollars is a dream of no worries,I can buy tools, pay taxes, and build.
Rat's jumping ship?
RE: Done 7 years ago
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I'm getting my digs in now, Richard this is a perfect time to get a hobby and apply all that info to a trade.
RE: Done 7 years ago
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Little Caesars Commercial. "That's it were going off the Grid" He will be back.
Nobody has found a hobby?
Bart? My name is Bret, one t.
Left wing has already spoken, back track and find the 7.
Miles is bias by 7 left wing contributors that want to own the show. Get a hobby.
Anybody else tired of reading the rants of a select left wing contributors?
Train it to recharge it's batteries from the neighbors outlets.
The Pumpkin Patch wll open on Sat Oct 4th at 9am. Hours will be 9am to dark on the weekends and weekdays 4pm to dark. Happy hunting....
Climate has changed from the first day that the world started turning,and will continue with or without you.
How does this apply to Tea party?
[deleted - duplicate]
Slim Picken's 1941. "1 genuine harry carry knife, pass it around, etc" "watch that knife boy" "You ain't getting sh#t out of me" "prune juice"
Find a Grave has helped find our family roots more than any pay site. It's up to the survivors to post for free, just login in. I just signed up for the Aye's
Trail cams
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