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Karen, I will try to post a few this weekend. Amorette, which company cut ice for the NP?
I received pictures of the ice company my dad's family had. It was not the Yellowstone Ice Company, but was the M.C. Ice Company. Phone number was 93 in one picture and 3B in another.
That was the one. Dad used to tell stories of cutting ice on the Yellowstone growing up. My sister and I have some of the ice tongs they used to lift the ice off the river. I think it was stored in a + 26 more characters
I have an aunt in Billings and one in MC that I will reach out to. They might know. This is really cool.
My dad's family operated an ice company in Miles City in the early 1900's. They lived on Yellowstone Ave at the time.
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The Maltfest was great.Lots of "interesting" beers and lots that I would love to try again and again. I thought attendance was OK for the first time. Having more shade and water available would be my + 68 more characters
Please join Sigrid Laird’s family as we gather at Miles City’s Oasis to celebrate and share our love for Sigrid. Thursday, July 30th 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Dessert and refreshments served Swimming and la + 90 more characters
Sounds fun. Please send me a survey.
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