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Maybe next election they'll carve their b.s. right into cow pies to be dropped on us by crop dusters, unless they can outsource to ghost riders in the sky.
Montana has a REQUIREMENT that, in any county with FOUR or more active Covid-19 cases, wearing a mask is MANDATORY! Last Tuesday, October 6th, I called Custer County Health, (406)874-8700, and spoke t + 644 more characters
From sycophantic tweet: "....invincible hero not only survived every dirty trick the Democrats threw at him, but the Chinese virus as well. He will show America we no longer have to be afraid."
There's an experimental cocktail custom-formulated for Trump. Medics are "hopeful". One of the main ingredients is some extract of hamster ovaries. So far, there is no response from Nurse Stormy.
According to Dear One's tweet, Po and Flo have Covid-19 and not the Invisible Chinese Plague Sniffles From Wuhan. Do you suppose he is finally admitting (if only to himself) that Covid-19 exists? How + 155 more characters
Friday I was in OSCO to pick up prescriptions and get shots. The two women waiting on customers were wearing masks around their necks and occasionally pulling them up, then back down. When I got to th + 164 more characters
Yay Team!
Why can't we get kids to wear masks? Have there been a lot of attempts and have all or most failed? I've seen some pictures in the nationwide news of kids wearing masks. I'll bet even kids as young as + 430 more characters
At Ace Hardware this week it was good to see almost all customers wearing masks. One of the three I noticed without masks was a woman wearing a Holy Rosary Hospital uniform. url
Dig this chick in her fancy footwear! A lady of the people!
Covid-19 Live Updates: With 1,000 Student Infections, U. of South Carolina Urges Vigilance A Minnesota man is the first person known to have died of Covid-19 after attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Ral + 113 more characters
Per the Billings Gazette, one new case of Covid-19 reported this morning, August 27, in Custer County. There are now four active cases. Let's put on our masks and protect each other in the best way we + 10 more characters
Thank you all, I'll go pick some up.
Where do we go in Miles City to pick up yard signs and such?
Dozens of Montana USPS drop boxes to be removed url
Religious rascal Jerry Falwell Junior and his "good friend" couldn't git their pants on. So they got a funny picture took. An' they warn't drinkin' nothin' but black water! The biblical billionaire sa + 428 more characters
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