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You have a beautiful smile, Jobie!
This morning at the U. N. Climate Summit, watch Trump's entrance. He seems unsteady on his feet. Did Greta Thunberg give him a double whammy?
Forty Swedes ran through the weeds chased by one Norwegian!
This could be President Trump's perfect gig. An open mike, plenty of time for golf, surrounded by adoring Republicans, and the best part, the job requires a passion to connect with women his daughter' + 36 more characters
Why are people such as politicians, when Sunday morning christians don't agree with them, called un-christian? Is that supposed to be a pejorative? To me, it's a high compliment. According to Wikipedi + 1156 more characters
or stable genus?
Anyone who stands up to Trump terrifies him. That includes the electorate in 2020. Sleep well, Donnie Boy. Pleasant dreams. url
Back in early April, The Mariners were in Chicago for the White Sox. When Caleb came into the game, M's broadcaster Rick Rizzs mentioned that he was from Miles City. I discovered that his family lives + 29 more characters
How do I remove my own posting?
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