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Flash!! Steve Daines is pretending his bag is full! Watch his vote at 6:00 P.M MST
Daines has signed on with ten more pouting emasculated Trump-fearing Republican senators to contest the electoral college votes this coming week. When asked about his donation to Donny's Dynasty, he d + 109 more characters
I was in Albertsons this afternoon and there was only one unmasked person in the store, a meat department employee with his mask around his chin. I've seen this guy many times without a mask. The girl + 424 more characters
This is good news but I worry that those young ladies asking for names might be assaulted. I've been complaining to Albertsons' manager and staff for months about men stocking the meat shelves and wom + 227 more characters
Karen, Hooray for you and Merry Christmas!
Please wear a mask.
Please wear a mask.
Please wear a mask.
This forum needs a spelling checker. Please.
Here's a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who have served your country. I salute you. Trump probably slept tonight with the Purple Heart he conned off that veteran as he told him, "I always wanted + 14 more characters
Tim, Is your name just Tim W?
KAREN? Really? Are you calling someone a name because you disagree with him or her? And why Karen? Check back in when your head clears.
Who's got a tummy ache? Ivanka, Jared, Junior?
Future Former Montana Public Servant Capitulates, Pivots and Shifts Focus to Mask Enforcement Steve "Soon to be Unemployed" Bullock, after laughing off mask enforcement since July, suddenly shifted to + 136 more characters
I scrubbed out my dogs' two gallon stainless steel water dish and dropped in about fifty Nature Valley Energy Bars that I'd bought three for the price of one some months ago. I put it out on the front + 48 more characters
Well, I'll be darned. The Biden-Harris signs arrived.
I can already drive around a pickup. For example, one time a big pickup was in a little spot and sticking out in the traffic lane so I drove around it. I was so proud.
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Thank you, Jobie. You're Hogie's special angel!
Hogey is back! Must have been that Morris Mojo!
Thanks Karen. He was spotted in front of 612 Felton St. about 24 hours ago, a couple of miles from home. I've been prowling that neighborhood and talking to people for the last three hours.
I made a mistake. Hogey is NOT wearing a collar. I had been grooming him so the collar was off. His only I.D. will be the microchip which is registered. Lost 9-year old Black Lab mix. His name is Hoge + 364 more characters
Lost 9-year old Black Lab mix. His name is Hogey.  Sixty pounds. Very friendly with a big smile.  Blue collar and tag with address and phone.  He is microchipped.  I just rescued from a shelter in Bil + 284 more characters