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negative Nancy Yep, I saw this in a story online about military wives.
Melania had asked him to put it someplace where she would never see it.
Change it to Custard County. Everybody loves custard!
Karen, that's not something you "admit", it's something to be proud of. It shows that you have a heart. I miss and I talk to all my many dogs and cats.
Karen, I thought of you and Jobie when I saw this.
Great to see the old times! Kalispell also had some great bars when I lived there in 1966. I suppose Stockman's is still there. I hope so. That whole area, including Whitefish and Columbia Falls, had + 94 more characters
Brrrrrr 2 months ago
in History & Genealogy
It's currently 83 below zero with snow flurries at the South Pole.
5:30 PM Android app Today Weather says it's 109, Google Assistant tells me it's 110.
I lived in Phoenix from 1985 to 1993 and still have the t-shirt that sez I lived thru 122°.
While I was visiting Miles City in July 2017, just before I decided to move here, my dashboard thermometer read 112° one day. It usually reads within a couple degrees of what my phone says. But who kn + 97 more characters
What was the address?
Name it 3 months ago
in General Discussion
The gizmo in the last panel
When I was a kid, they were called Buddy Poppies. Once a year, disabled members of V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars) would be selling them on every downtown street corner. My dad always wore one. He d + 169 more characters
Now we know your middle name, Karen.
For a joke this good, we should be able to vote twice! At least twice!!
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