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For a joke this good, we should be able to vote twice! At least twice!!
My latest water bill shows a month past due. It says two months will be withdrawn from my checking account on March 25th. I phoned and was told it was because of going from February to March and the b + 298 more characters
And sir, what will you have with your vaccination today? Will it be the root canal or the cheeseburger?
Back to HRH today for my second cheeseburger and its accompanying shot in the arm. Somehow I forgot to order fries this time so I guess I'll have to go back. Oh goodie! I'm still amazed that I didn't + 28 more characters
Very nice. I just joined up.
Thanks for the tip.
This story is rife with grammatical errors. Even the reporter's name is misspelled. Granted, the Miles City Star is a small town paper. But doesn't the Star have a publisher or editor who cares enough + 259 more characters
Earl, I saw my eye doctor yesterday and she told me she just had her second shot and had pains and aches from that one, but nothing at all from the first. I'm glad the shots are here. I have a friend + 155 more characters
I am in the older age group and was vaccinated at HRH yesterday morning. There was a good crowd. Everything was quick, friendly and systematic, including an appointment for shot number two. By last ni + 301 more characters
Flash!! Steve Daines is pretending his bag is full! Watch his vote at 6:00 P.M MST
Daines has signed on with ten more pouting emasculated Trump-fearing Republican senators to contest the electoral college votes this coming week. When asked about his donation to Donny's Dynasty, he d + 109 more characters
I was in Albertsons this afternoon and there was only one unmasked person in the store, a meat department employee with his mask around his chin. I've seen this guy many times without a mask. The girl + 424 more characters
This is good news but I worry that those young ladies asking for names might be assaulted. I've been complaining to Albertsons' manager and staff for months about men stocking the meat shelves and wom + 227 more characters
Karen, Hooray for you and Merry Christmas!
Please wear a mask.
Please wear a mask.
Please wear a mask.
This forum needs a spelling checker. Please.
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"a few short years ago" What length were the years and how few were there?