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The moon, the stars, all that mush . . .
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Quick, somebody toss that boy a catnip mouse!
Dragon is really draggin'.
And a magnificent MMXXII 2U2!
For all those reasons, I have done some budget reallocation. The column formerly headed "Tires" is now "Alcoholic Beverages".
I second that emotion!
It looks like a six-pack of kitties will have a Merry Christmas, Karen! Did they just come wandering up your lane and feel a welcoming vibe from a cat lover? That's what happened at our house when I w + 9 more characters
That's always been my question. The GOP loves to throw money at the rich, but what do they do for working stiffs like you and me?
I also applaud Liz Cheney for her honesty. The Wyoming Republican Party leaders have officially proclaimed that she is no longer a Republican. On election day, will her constituents be able to see thr + 28 more characters
C&W, cowboy, hillbilly or whatever you called it, those of us who remember when there was really a music style called country are mourning the loss of one of the greatest singers, Stonewall Jackson. u + 3 more characters
At this very moment, there is a partial lunar eclipse. I just walked out with my dogs before bedtime and poked my eyes skyward for a look at the bazillions of stars and there it is in the southwest sk + 75 more characters
I just got off the phone with Albertsons customer service regarding a jar of their Signature brand mayonnaise that went bad after about three or four weeks. The rep was not reading from a script, so I + 189 more characters
I wonder how many veterans were denied the advertised discount at Albertsons before you came in to the store? Maybe just one or two, so that's okay, isn't it? Sometimes I complain about things that ev + 609 more characters
Karen, I've spoken several times with people at Albertsons corporate, (800)723-3929, about defective products. They all read from the same script.
Beautiful boilerplate b.s. But they forgot to say, "This is not who we are".
Any particular song or songs you're looking for?
I haven't seen my military I.D. for about sixty years. I'm surprised they'd ask for proof.
Reply to : "Whatever. At least I'm a Richard." Then why are you acting like a (that word you can't bring yourself to say)? All of my friends call me Dick. No one who refuses to call me by my name will + 19 more characters
Please stop using "Karen" as a pejorative. Would you appreciate your own name being used that way? It's childish. Instead of "Karen", use "Richard Bonine". How does that feel?
I got a happy lesson from the rain when my gutter overflowed right above a basement window and let a bit of water in. I've dreaded cleaning the gutters since I bought the house four years ago. I phone + 199 more characters
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