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The oldest person ever to top Billboard's Hot 100 is at #1 this week. Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" was recorded for Decca when she was thirteen and it hit the charts for the first + 100 more characters
Jimmy Carter concedes the presidency to Ronald Reagan on November 4, 1980
I never met Mr. Neumann, but I've enjoyed reading what he posted here in the six years I've been in Miles City. A thoughtful man who died far too young.
Why hasn't he been arrested?
My pile of garbage HP computer streams up to 2160p with Mid Rivers. No trouble downloading five or six 1080p videos simultaneously, even while streaming a 1080p movie. My phone is on Straight Talk. I + 215 more characters
I'm old and vulnerable and still not tired of living, so I got the latest Covid poke a few days ago at Osco. No charge with Medicare. More free test kits are coming in the mail this week.
We have chorines swimming in our water pipes? No wonder the water tastes so sweet!
It doesn't look menacing. It's a little boy's pout.
My neighbor works at the water treatment plant. He told me that an employee turned off a switch to perform minor maintenance and forgot to turn it back on. About five or six hours later, an alarm went + 5 more characters
None of these warnings mention symptoms to watch for. I bought a dozen of Taco John's Tuesday Tacos and ate seven of them for dinner with three Margaritas. Would that build up an immunity?
I just got three emails Message sent via Nixle | Go to nixle.com | Unsubscribe Monday August 21, 2023, 11:47 AM Custer/Garfield 911 Dispatch Advisory: BOIL WATER ORDER FOR MILES CITY STILL IN EFFECT + 1430 more characters
Some local broadband trivia: I had a PC glitch and was on the phone today with an H-P service tech in India. He sent me a bunch of files, a new BIOS, new firmware, two diagnostic apps, and about twent + 93 more characters
Citizen to official: "Sir, is our water safe to drink?" Official to citizen: "That's what we're waiting to find out."
Donald Trump: Make America Great Again Jack Smith: I'm working on it
His name is Tim. I adopted him as a stray in January from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter in Billings. He's four years old, still kind of a puppy, and weighs about 90 lbs. He's a sweet dog, friendly + 929 more characters
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My speech-to-text feature does the same thing, dagnabit!
Kinda like on the teevee when they say there's gonna be a snowy weather event. Or a ½ off sales event at the used car lot.
Willie just won a Grammy for best country album of the year. It's a good one.
Who cares?? A bunch of self-styled "experts" are telling you who the best performers are without asking or caring about your opinion. I've been a Willie Nelson fan for more than sixty years. He's not + 319 more characters
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