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I am surprised and very disappointed to learn that neither one of Miles City's veterinary hospitals, which are medical facilities, is taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously enough to supply and req + 80 more characters
Checkered tennis shoes url
Pence's wife is now making excuses for the lame-brained, idiotic, egotistical lack of consideration he displayed at the Mayo Clinic! url
I and many other Seattleites don't consider "The Lazy B" a Seattle company since it moved its headquarters to Chicago and, much worse, a lot of its production to the non-union deep south.
South Dakota is too damn close to Custer County - about an hour away from Miles City by car. Does the virus travel that fast - faster?? I don't know. Maybe it just pokes along with its thumb out. Shou + 339 more characters
Is anyone in town making cloth face covers for sale? I found a how-to article in the Washington Post, but it requires a sewing machine and I don't have one. I'd be eager to buy a couple of them. url
Husband: "Well, I only have 24 hours to live. Let's take a ride through the park, eat at that fancy restaurant we could never afford, and make love all night on the beach." Wife: "Easy for you to say. + 68 more characters
Obviously I don't know what I'm doing
I'm not sure why this two-year-old message is at the top of the queue. But if there's something you want to watch, Google it and see what comes up. Dozens of web sites are available. I watched "The Ir + 145 more characters
Oops - make that Happy 130th!
On this date, November 8, 1889, Montana became a state. Happy 140th birthday to The Treasure State!
This is terribly sad news. My sympathy to you, Karen. We already miss Jobie.
I ran across this video by accident, Obama addressing Parliament in 2011. Compare it with anything Trump has ever said on any subject on the best day he ever had.
You have a beautiful smile, Jobie!
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