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Except for the dense breast tissue, I have all that happy stuff, and I'm one up on you with my prostate removal. As a wise Frenchman once said, "Vive la différence".
My reply: I already did that. See the second sentence of the third paragraph of my original posting on this subject. Hillary Clinton was not involved in my reasoning. My reply: Hillary Clinton has d + 180 more characters
". . . at his alma mater . . . they'd been taught to genuflect before the notion of free speech while shunning anyone who didn't agree with them." "The Latecomer" Jean Hanff Korelitz
No need to profess your honesty, Bridgier, I have no reason to doubt it. But one well informed voter can easily disagree with another, even at the risk of being banished from camp. Or from Congress.
I first voted in 1960 and have never called myself a Democrat, a Republican, or anything else. I've been disappointed by both sides all my life. I voted for Obama because he promised me and you the sa + 948 more characters
I've received two mailings lately from the RNC. The only return address on the envelope is "President Donald J. Trump".
The lady in the flowered dress set a new record, emptying her brain in just eleven seconds.
Seabeck Pizza is my favorite in this here town.
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Trump is more and more desperate, he's losing hope, and he'll happily "slash the throat" of anyone who dares to doubt him and his unhinged rants. He has even disclaimed and discarded the testimony of + 39 more characters
As a kid, I remember walking into the Smith Tower with a couple of my buddies, riding the elevator with a uniformed operator, and going up to the observation area where we could see "everywhere" throu + 302 more characters
From the Arizona Republic via the Great Falls Tribune: url
As a relative newcomer, it's always nice to learn about people and places in this part of Montana. Thanks for posting this, David!
Gas prices 4 months ago
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Dolly says "I'm not qualfied" url
What they should be doing is ending daylight saving time permanently, and keeping standard time all year round. In the 1970s they kept DST one winter. I remember clearly there was a sizable increase i + 90 more characters
Google assistant ordered me to open some random websites and write haikus about them. Getting old's okay. Even though I'm eighty-three, I'm still slightly sane.
Going nowhere fast Is my most efficient speed Try to keep up please
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I discovered Great Falls Select at Hennessey's Bar in Kalispell in 1966. It was delicious and my new favorite brew! Then they sold out to Blitz-Weinhard of Portland. I suspect, with no proof, that Bli + 90 more characters