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His name is Tim. I adopted him as a stray in January from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter in Billings. He's four years old, still kind of a puppy, and weighs about 90 lbs. He's a sweet dog, friendly + 929 more characters
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My speech-to-text feature does the same thing, dagnabit!
Kinda like on the teevee when they say there's gonna be a snowy weather event. Or a ½ off sales event at the used car lot.
Willie just won a Grammy for best country album of the year. It's a good one.
Who cares?? A bunch of self-styled "experts" are telling you who the best performers are without asking or caring about your opinion. I've been a Willie Nelson fan for more than sixty years. He's not + 319 more characters
Ed, were you paid fairly at those jobs? Did you have sick leave? Were you required to work holidays? Did you have holidays off with pay? Was I "spoiled" because my "deal" was better than yours?
Will someone please define the term "government employee"?
Ed, do you think that, in general, government employees are overpaid?
Your favorite politician is a liar. Your favorite politician would stab you in the back for a buck. Your favorite politician lives by the same moral code as the one you despise. Your favorite politici + 190 more characters
Always match the tool to the job
I just received my ninth text message from nine different phone numbers on behalf of Herschel Walker. All have been blocked and reported as spam.
Great song from the Swing Era! Thanks David!
Trump Under Fire From Within G.O.P. After Midterms “Republicans have followed Donald Trump off the side of a cliff,” a longtime adviser said. Publicly, Mr. Trump put the best face on the results. “We + 387 more characters
As long as they're also fun size.
Hey trick-or-treaters, full size Butterfinger and Abba-Zaba bars at my house tonight. They're more fun than "fun size", with no lawsuits required.... url
I didn't get that piece of mail.
Crazy Arms was Jerry Lee's first record on Sun. At its release, Ray Price's version on Columbia was already working on a twenty-week run at #1.
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