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I have a gift cert for one hour massage that normally costs 70 and will sell you for 60...we are moving and won't have time to use it, it's for Kira at the ursline convent, let me know
We are looking to dispose of our Christmas's very dry and would be good for firewood, or does the waste management do a pick up with regular trash day, or do we need to take it to the dump??
Wow. That was just pathetic. But hey on the bright side I think you can catch 'bessie' now. She looks a little tired.
Bob You are the only ignorant one around here. As far as the anti - government group the freeman, I am of no relation. I just moved here. So keep proving that your fourth grade education was worth the + 158 more characters And as far as Hitler goes, he believed in the same thing Obama tries to cram down our throats. Now why don't you go back to trying to rape your sheep. + 11 more characters
Same as that Teabagging is working out for you. And I don't need to use foul language to insult you. Your own incompetence does that all by itself.
All I have to say is that fools follow the foolish. Mandela did do some good things for his people. However he was a Marxist Communist Terrorist who murdered hundreds of thousands of people. He turned + 461 more characters
Hey I was just curious, we moved here in September and dont know much about the town workings....where do we get a live Christmas tree when the time gets closer. Is there a tree lot or a place to go a + 23 more characters
New to the area, checking out what Internet service is best in town. I checked out the midrivers place, but there prices are twice as much as they are in other cities. I talked to century link, they h + 191 more characters
How do you delete posts? How do you edit posts?
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