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A great WWI read that I happened upon while looking for old Miles City stuff. Enjoy url
What's going up next to Walmart?
Patrick Swayze was in that scene?... Hmm, I remember Demi...
You need to change both of the IMG to lowercase img.
BLT scented candles..
Full meal deals..
If you receive email from Department of Health telling you not to eat canned pork because of swine flu; ignore it. It's just Spam.
Throw in one of these and we'll be impenetrable.
By heck this will never happen again...
I haven't been there in quite a while. Does the Elks still serve dinner?
I believe they built it backwards. It may be that the building is facing what will be the continued Fort street. There is enough space for another building/business between the data center and Haynes + 4 more characters
Casinos in Glendive suck.
Stupid is as stupid does. Oh come on now... Retirees are replaced by the next most senior employees & new hires start at the bottom, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't change. I realize it's only hypotheti + 112 more characters
Ok, I agree that the Color tile / TV clinic building that burned along with Dr. A's hot rods was located on the SW corner of Bridge & 8th, directly across Bridge st from the Moose / 600 Lounge and nex + 645 more characters
I remember watching that fire. It was The Color TV Clinic for a while after ColorTime. Now it's Recreation Lanes parking lot. We watched from outside the Moose (latter the new 600 Lounge until Paul Pa + 566 more characters
I'd forgotten about the Carbon Hill trailer court. That was the result of an evil plot to ruin the best sledding and tubing spot that Miles City youth have ever known. I remember the wide area for sle + 260 more characters
Bill, I'm not sure exactly where Love Motors was located, maybe someone could help us out with that. I'm assuming it was on Main street. The caption read "Jubilee parade 1934 Miles City"
A few years ago I ran across this picture from the Elks convention parade in 1909. Note the original entry to what is now the 600 adorned with decorative draperies for the days event. How about those + 252 more characters
I'm with you on this one Kacey, I watched a poor woman drag one of those things across a new Escalade from wheel to wheel. Great sadistic entertainment for onlookers. I'm sure that future mishaps cou + 75 more characters
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