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Amen to all of my fellow brother and sister bigots who believe they are right and the right is wrong. Merry Christmas.
Now there is a reply filled with love and understanding?
Well, what I want to know is, what kind of Christian keeps part of the truth and throws out the stuff they don't believe?
Well now, one really should read the Bible before one spouts. Hell, might more commonly be known as the "Lake of fire" in the book of Revelation, which is the revelation of Jesus Christ and he He pret + 320 more characters
It ain't never gonna happen on this planet! As far as burning is concerned. I did not say it, God did.
Are you people for real? I sit here and read all of this and see a bunch of intolerant bigots calling a group of other people intolerant bigots because they have a different point of view than you! Gr + 6 more characters
So very sad.
Out of business.
Mark 16:15-18
Someone really needs to study the Word instead of letting a particular group influence one's understanding.
Amen! Romans 8:28.
Okay, we have one for the store and a potential hub for art and music; good, this is good. So, tell your artistic and musical friends to come to the Music Store Forum and vote.
This brings up a question that I would like to pose to the musicians of Miles City and I would wish that anyone interested would direct those who are interested to answer this question on this forum. + 46 more characters
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Does anyone know if there is a luthier in town?
John 3:18 Mark 16:15 Perhaps the baptism that Jesus baptized with was not the same as the baptism John the Baptist baptized with?
Oh. How they love me!
Concerning homosexuality: I really does not matter what theory you own in order to practice your depravity, the result is all the same. You will burn in the end. Oh and by the way, "Why are all those + 64 more characters
Only certain Christians!
Read, at the very least, Romans chapters 3 through 9, and, if you want a treat read the New Living Translation.
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