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PRESS RELEASE Oct. 9, 2014 TERRY, Mont. – The Prairie County Chamber of Commerce will host author Gerald R. Clark who will be talking about his recently published book “Supplying Custer: The Powder Ri + 1010 more characters
The Custer County Republican Central Committee and the Custer County Republican Women will host a legislative update and Kentucky Derby social on Saturday, May 4, at the Miles City Town and Country Cl + 825 more characters
PRESS RELEASE March 25, 2013 Republican Women elect officers, plan April 6 brunch (MILES CITY, Mont.) - The Custer County Republican Women recently voted in a new executive officer team for the 2013-2 + 1639 more characters
I remember that meeting clearly too, Levi. Like I mentioned on Facebook, I had waited in bitter agony for an entire year until I could be in 4-H like my big sister Kari. I think the meeting was in the + 277 more characters
My dog killed a squirrel and laid it by the front door porch, which I don't use much. It was there if full rigor mortis ... when the real estate agent came to start appraisal on our house. I don't thi + 31 more characters
Josh, No, I haven't seen Quentin in quite awhile ... I'll have to ask his dad and see what he's up to. So my Grandma gave you candy? Man ... you probably took all my favorite pieces! (I'm sure she ha + 33 more characters
I apologize ... I have posted thank yous on this board twice, but neither of them seems to have appeared. Marshall, Bart and Amorette -- thank you SO much! I was able to get my slide show tribute done + 680 more characters
Does anyone in Miles City have a MacBook power cord (with the magnetic cord attachment) that I could borrow, lease ... buy? Anything would be wonderful. I am trying to finish up a memorial tribute sli + 255 more characters
Thank you so much Amorette. You are wonderful and do amazing work. If you do happen to find out the date of the name change, I would appreciate knowing, as actually the late 10s, early 20s is the tim + 117 more characters
Can someone (Amorette?) tell me the name of the public high school in Miles City in the 1910s? Was it Custer High School? Thanks!
Yep Bridgier, and no matter how much we cried (well, maybe you didn't) when we had to "say goodbye," they paid for a lot of college!
It's not just Montana, it's nationwide. Direct quote from a friend of mine who's a vet in Oklahoma: "Some may think that horse slaughter is cruel, but it allows for responsible disposal of unwanted li + 305 more characters
Great video of Levi Forman reading one of his Dad's "pomes," also on the Billings Gazette site: url
After living in a lot of other states and towns, I would have to say the best thing about Miles City is that everyone is proud to be from Miles City. I've never seen anywhere else the same sort of hom + 47 more characters
RA, the book is available in Miles City and online through CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com. You can get overnight or rushed shipping from Amazon.com. Do you have any particular locations you think woul + 75 more characters
For those of you who knew Mark -- and those who didn't as well -- check out url for information on the book of his "pomes" that is now available. You can stop in tonight and get a copy at Riggs or at + 81 more characters
Yes, it's spelled right. They're called "pomes" - not "poems." After reading the self-titled creations of Mark Forman, you'll understand that there is a difference. "Pomes By A Cow Psychologist" by Ma + 1854 more characters
Thank you all for the updates! I really appreciate it!
Awesome awesome!!!
NO WAY! Go Cowboy!!!! Go go go!!! Go Beardsley Boys on line!
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