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I recall the Moose Lodge was on the top floor of the Wibaux Building in the early 1940's before moving into it's location next to Montgomery Wards.
I was happy for Moyer. He is one of my favorites - still don't understand by the Mariner's let him go. Another one of their stupid moves.
I read with interest about Christy Leskovar's book "One Night in a Bad Inn" as I have a signed copy of the book and have read it. I also have a helmet of my father in law's who was in WWI but he wasn' + 223 more characters
Thanks Amorette - looks like you are closing in on the date. I am sure my friend said it was in 1948 not long before Babe Ruth passed away. He was heading from Chicago to Seattle or visa versa for his + 319 more characters
As to when Gene Autry was here I found this article in the Kansas City Herald written by Pete Sieler - "I had the honor of seeing Gene Autry twice, he came to Miles City, Montana to star in the annual + 802 more characters
This is probably long before some of your times but want to mention some of my favorite teachers of the past from SHHS. My time there was from 1947 through 1951 in which we had the Ursaline nuns that + 685 more characters
I remember Pop Konkright on KRJF also - remember them calling "Joe" -Baby Joe - Bucky played the bass fiddle, pop the fiddle and I believe mom piano or possible Mrs. Stark at that time. Never missed t + 19 more characters
I'm not real sure but isn't the back bar from the Golden Spur at the Town & Country Golf Course? I remember hearing someone say it was the $100,000 one purchased from Chicago. Maybe some one can check + 33 more characters
Hal, I just played this piece and it's real neat - thanks for it. I printed it out and put it in my organ bench for safe keeping - thanks Betty Carter O'Brien
I remember when Hal Anderson was "Lander HI" on a program sponsored by Hightlander Beer. When he would call you at random you would have to answer the phone by saying "Hi Lander" - if you did you woul + 155 more characters
Yes, I have known Jack since the days he worked at Haley's grocery store, many years ago. He truly was a great guy and will be missed very much by many in Miles City. What a man! Betty Carter O'Brien
Yes, Johnnie, I watched the same program and was surprised to hear them tell the saddle was made in Miles City. Also recall my husband talking about the Glendive issue also - am sure nothing was said + 61 more characters
OK - here goes - My real name is the same: Betty Carter O'Brien I lived in the Kinsey area from 1941 then when in high school I moved to Miles City which was in 1947 - graduated from SHHS in 1951 - mo + 263 more characters
Super job Bart - this is a very interesting site and will check in on it regularly - I also have it 'book marked' for easy reference. Keep up the good work - you are a blessing to the school and Miles + 35 more characters
Looking through the ads in the 1946 year book - here are some: Farm & Home The Met Vaughn-Ragsdale O'Connors Books H.J. Dale Jewelry Miles City Steam Laundry Beacon-Carter Service Yellowstone Lumber M + 256 more characters
My prayers for you getting your health back and being your good old self, Pete - You are full of knowledge and love to read your info on this site. Thanks for all you have done and get back soon. Bet + 17 more characters
Kyle: Keep up the good work - enjoyed the replay of Joe Theisman's broken leg - ouch! I remember watching it as it happened. Just keep rooting for the Seahawks I like Greenbay too - my second team. + 7 more characters
Great job Bart - keep those pictures coming - love them all. Betty O'Brien
Hello Les: My grandfather's name was Everett Zwolle and he worked on the section out of Lewistown, MT and also was out of some town southwest of Spokane at one time too. My Father in-law's name was D. + 629 more characters
Kyle - I'm with you all the way - GO SEAHAWKS! Betty O'Brien
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