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If you guys are into alternative country type stuff, (drive-by truckers, steve earle, towns van zandt, etc..... you should check out Bonnie "Prince" Billy or Palace Music. Also check out (smog) or Bil + 393 more characters
I'm going to agree with Ken and Hal. My best times ever had at a bar were at Barney's. But these days I like having an Olympia on the porch of the Olive Hotel.
I will be in town in about two weeks and would really love to go fishing. I usually go to 12 Mile or Tussler. If anyone has a better place not too far from town I would really appreciate it. Of course + 252 more characters
Keep poking fun at the albinos and then have the nerve to call us in glendive 'prejudice' what a bunch of hypocrits!!! and you who posted the last message before this, re-read it and fix your damn typ + 317 more characters
A Lark's spring sermon floating, rolling on a breeze nature's ballistics love no less a sound *hope no one minds I revive this post from it's 2year hiatus
You may have to put your finger in a steak or two. Viva Brautigan! Viva Joe!
Chinook, warm wind comes Fooled you all, it was a fart Or was it the dog? A Lark's spring sermon
They were the first europeans to settle in america.
I play in the street your bubblegums don't phase me
And nearly every country you listed boasts a higher average life expectancy for it's citizens than the good ol' U.S. of A.
About a year or so ago I read an essay written by author Kurt Vonnegut that had some parallels to this topic. I saved a couple of the quotes, and have googled one to get the link for y'all. I hope you + 625 more characters
southern journey's flight when the sun seems asthmatic
Sins are only the failure to meet the standard that laws, which are mandated by the dogmatic principles of the religion for/from which they were created, have placed on the community that believes in + 1629 more characters
musing on a log
velvet fists descend revolution without end absorbing it's selves bedlam unto sleep
hai·ku P Pronunciation Key (hk) n. pl. haiku, also hai·kus 1. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature + 391 more characters
Barkeep, more Haiku! Winter's grip drives each one in, thawing eyelashes clandestine like crime
no man travels far ground is there but to cheat him
Visions of darkness while civility suffers phones ringing off hooks her supple thin frame *That Haiku 3 thread was uber long.
Visions of darkness while civility suffers phones ringing off hooks her supple thin frame
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