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Was wanting to know what other people's thoughts were on this matter. I have been seeing information on this lately and am a little worried because I know Miles City does do this. I would definitely s + 179 more characters
I was wanting to point out that second hand store's throw away items they do not feel will sell well: stained/damaged clothing, damaged household items, etc. Things that a person could very well still + 1427 more characters
Will also be donating!!
I've just gotta ask since no one else has: apparently it's been going around that there was a bomb threat made on Bucking Horse Sale. I have no idea on details, a few kids were just talking about it a + 250 more characters
I agree with EJR, please don't rent from/deal with Ranch1. Scarey lady.
I'm on the south side of town, and I just heard what sounded like a gunshot. I didnt get to a window in time to look and see if it was possibly a firework, hoping someone who was closer has a better i + 45 more characters
Which farms will let kids come visit? I would love to do that.
url url A few interesting articles in addition to the GMO salmon one I posted earlier.
The type of GM corn that kills pests when they eat it is actually a registered living pesticide, so it literally is a field full of pesticide. The insects die when they eat the pesticide which is a pa + 955 more characters
Oh my goodness chizzer, you need to cool down or something. I was asking my questions because I am interested in the topic and your knowledge and am wondering how you know what you know. Do you expect + 1308 more characters
"I didn't know I said "Healthy". Did I?" Totally not the point of my post. In my opinion "good for you" and "healthy" are the same thing, but I guess maybe not in others, so please excuse the confusio + 729 more characters
Hi chizzer, food labels, real food, healthy food, Etc really interests me and I am wondering what expert knowledge you have on the matter or what makes you an expert? Personally I have been researchin + 302 more characters
If a "bad guy" wants a gun, he can get a gun, whether or not it is illegal to own them. By taking away the honest mans gun, you are only leaving him defensless. Violent video games do impact a persons + 571 more characters
Thanks for the link! Darn it I don't see the ordinance prohibiting people from owning a barking dog. That must be a list of only the most current ordinances to be put into place? Seems like folks arou + 167 more characters
I guess I should get a radio in my house... Sorry I guess I didnt know the city had a website other than this one, what is the address?
Just got on to ask the same question! Where does one go to find out whether or not what we are hearing is a test? It would be nice to know in advance so that when I do hear the siren, I am not freakin + 177 more characters
Some people just have NOTHING better to do Honestly, you were THAT offended by what you felt what an overcharge of $2!!?? Oh and don't forget to include the extra gas it costed him to drive from Al + 686 more characters
Thank you so much for sharing your story Karen, I will look on Amazon tonight! That is very sweet, and I love how you talk about him being non-judgemental and only giving love. That is what I see from + 523 more characters
This is actually how I heard about them url I believe that the lead free bullets are made of copper? At least some of them are that I saw in a quick online search. Seems there are quite a few companie + 216 more characters
I am somewhat new here, but have seen lots of your posts about Jobie, pictures, etc, and was just wondering what is the story with Jobie? Did you rescue him, or...? Just curious. It seems you love him + 10 more characters
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