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i had to buy the domain name i own it now
Iam going threw 1on1 and i have to buy the domain name but they get me all hooked up with. Google adwords and puts me out there all over. But im not sure i made the right price cause im payin 25 a mon + 85 more characters
oh no got a creeper status. and yes septy that is not my car that is my boys johns but www.evomsmt.com is down at the moment im working on the page im going threw a host service so it is being a pain + 93 more characters
lets see all of your pretty faces.
why am i the only one that will show his face on Milescity.com. is it because i have nothing to fear and don't need to hide behind the computer and express my opions. i think it should be mandatory to + 127 more characters
i like neil he never dose me wrong. ya you will hear him and i bitch about stuff. and i get kicked out all the time. but its him and i messing around. i personally enjoy he attitude its not fake he is + 566 more characters
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