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Who do you contact to get on a team? I played years ago, but I havent been on a team for awhile. Do u pick a team or just get put on a team? Thanks.
Carli that is awesome that you would think of something like that! WTG! My daughter would love it! If you need help ~ any way shape or form ~ I would be glad to help you. WTG again for posting this. A + 4 more characters
To all the others that went to state too! To Spocket GREAT Job! Your Family!
my little brother texted the youngest rickett and got it from the horses mouth
its proven it is hazel and pat rickett
I know that Just thought that I would ask anyone else if they had seen it and could figure it out. Thanks tho..Anna
Donkeys 14 years ago
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I heard a "rumor" that they found out who killed the Donkeys. Is this true? I hope so!
Does anyone know what artist is coming to the fair for the concert? Thanks
Amber, some people are just VERY RUDE on this site. Least you answered the question and GOT it acrossed!!! Anna
And..... NEXT month is BHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ran the DEAP Daycare that was in town for about 6 yrs with another person. My mom was a foster parent for about 4 yrs, then she adopted the 2 brothers. Im 28 yrs old, married, have 2 children my sel + 248 more characters
When is it? How long would it be? I would be interested. Thanks Anna
Does anyone know who is coming to the MC Fair as for the concert?
Just what kind of car is it?
What is the charge per child per hour? Anna
Are you Kate's Sister?
I hope that you find him and soon! You guys are in my prayers!! If you need anything at all please email me. I know what it is like to have a house fire - I have been there b4. Thanks
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