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Jeremy Erlenbusch, he has reasonable prices and has college certs.
I got a bill in August almost 5 months to the day of my visit in March. When I called them their reason was switching computer systems. Then the lady asked if I wanted to pay my bill over the phone I + 254 more characters
Septy Two! Why would you post this information on a post about a kid who died at a party??! And I hope the person who did this tragic thing feels guilty and owns up to his wrong doing! Rip Harold
Thank you Kacey. That is what we had in mind when we came up with the theme. If anyone does have theme ideas for the future contact the Miles City Jaycees. We are now the ones putting on the parade as + 125 more characters
I have to say ashley that I think the way you went about the situation was the right way. As I put in my post earlyier this morning I work at the hospital I knew all about it almost as soon as it happ + 193 more characters
I work at the hospital and everyone was pretty shook up over the news of the fire. My heart goes to the family and everyone who was involved. Prayers be with them.
hmmm. Thanks! I guess I'll have to have my dad check into that. He looked at Ace I beleive. Do you know if anyone in town buyes things such as freezers though?
it is $275 OBO. I'm sure my father will go down. But when selling you have to start high, not start low and go up.
i left you a message at the phone number you gave me just the other day. If you have not gotton it please call me if your still interested in the freezer. thanks 853-4643
He believes that it is a 9 cubic foot but will go measure it tomorrow and I'll give him your number.
I'm selling it for my dad but it is a chest freezer. Not huge I can't remember the dimensions. He is asking $275 OBO it is about ten years old but works great no problems still has the basket for smal + 175 more characters
Does anyone know if there is someone in Miles City that buys used appliences such as freezers? please post her if you know of anyone.
Levi you are so funny I guess we must be related. Anyones someone wanted the names of streets. Leigthon is the one I drive the most. When you turn onto leighton on the Pinehills side up by the storage + 281 more characters
Why would i not take the same path to my house and to work everyday when it is the shortest route?? Don't even get me started on gas prices to take a long route makes no sence.
I was not trying to say they need to re pave every road I was simply getting at the fact that a little gravel from a pit would help. I'm not moving because of pot hole they are in every town you go to + 371 more characters
Thanks guys I know it is caused by freezing and frost and cold weather, I'm not dumb. However the city could fill them with some dirt or gravle better yet. You know how hard it is on a vehicle to hit + 244 more characters
Has anyone noticed how bad the streets around town are getting? I am quite tired of dodging pot holes on every street I drive on. I think if the ciy doesn't want to fix them, then we should go back to + 125 more characters
2011 Spring Raffle Fundraiser for Charitable Programs of the Miles City Jaycees is now going on. Tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50. 1st Prize is a Centurion Gun Safe, Valued at $1,299.99. 2nd Prize is + 617 more characters
As of today we have 28 members!! We are starting to build. Our next meeting is January 19 at 6:30 pm at the olive motel. If you have questions or comments post here or call 853-4643
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