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Atomicg, I like drinking beer, but I don't like getting drunk. I think a low alcohol craft beer with all the flavor of a normal craft beer would be hit. It would for me anyway.
I agree Miles Town Native. I don't know who it was and don't much care, but the rules didn't seem to apply. I guess when you are pillar in the community, it is justified to conduct your important busi + 105 more characters
Thanks I will give him a call.
Does anyone in Miles City do powder coating?
Has anyone eaten at the new Italian restaurant Twin Does? Looking for reviews.
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't a capitol offence a state violation? Therefore wouldn't the state prosecutor and the state of MT be involved? It has been 35 years since I studied any criminal law, + 142 more characters
Authorities may have withheld this animals false identity to protect the victom. The fact that he was working under a ficticious identity would lead one to believe he is wanted elsewhere. The picture + 359 more characters
A shining example of real coming together. Imagine if both sides and the white house could work like that for the good of the people instead of the good for themselves.
I had the good fortune of visiting civilization this weekend. We started with an outstanding meal at the 519. I had one of the best steaks I have eaten in quite some time. The cut was tender, flavorfu + 290 more characters
I have gotten the 500 error off and on for a long time. I always assumed the server was busy, I lost wifi for a moment or some other glitch. Usually I just leave and come back to the site and it funct + 439 more characters
I have friends in Canada who ALWAYS come to the the US for their health care.
You can say what you want about planned parenthood. I personally think it is a woman's choice to have an abortion. She is the one to answer for it in the end. A little more forward thinking though... + 225 more characters
I got cut short. The hardship department is the one you want to talk to most major banks have them and would rather work with you than end up in a debt reduction situation. I found this to be very hel + 197 more characters
Be careful before hiring a debt solution company (consolidation, reduction etc) as these ruin your credit and charge huge fees to do things you can do for yourself. Many credit card companies will neg + 67 more characters
I grew up in the same neighborhood as Dawn. She was always fun and nice, even in high school when others were busy impressing their clicks. I am sorry to hear about this tragedy. My condolences to her + 14 more characters
Sorry Buck
So the recession only hit rich people in the cities?
I'm going out on a limb here because I don't really remember exactly what all was in the don't ask don't tell law, but it seems to me it was landmark legislation at the time. Feel free to correct me i + 726 more characters
No, that is why we were not hit as hard as most of the country. I have no idea if they invested or not, and I bet you don't either.
Buck, What makes you think I didn't see the crash coming? Luckily our local bankers and business owners saw it too. But in all fairness, and because I am so modest, I did not see the big picture if yo + 75 more characters
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