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Steve, Sounds like the case of two deaths out there. Richard, Sounds like that'll be past your 40th class reunion. And that'll make Butch the fry cook a piece of sh_t for 50 years.
Destiny I am pretty sure that I don't care if it was you or Levi that wrote the note. The fact is that we are not talking about "YOUR UNCLE"! The year was 1973 and the man we are talking about was my + 410 more characters
Interesting..... Thanks for setting the record straight! The only problem Levi is that I don't think Mayor Grenz moved into your grandparent's house. He did move to mine. But thanks for the story! Oh + 69 more characters
Interesting, it's now gone from a cow town legend to tax payer going to ask Mayor Butch's family? So tax payer I take it that you have heard the story?
Bob, I think that it is more than cow town fiction. What's weird about it is that the man's father was a former state senator and raised his family in a house on Merriam about a block away from the ol + 307 more characters
This guy is a class act! He is the same man that back in the early 70's threw a local business man who was having diner in the 600 Cafe on his birthday, out on the street. The man was chocking on a pi + 235 more characters
Now a days contractors are hired through contract houses. The contract house manages the independent contracts and contractors. No benifits, but the contractors get rewarded through $$$'s. Kind of wha + 347 more characters
To many people whining. Personally I think that they should take those 81 county jobs and contract the work out. That would end the benifits have and have not discussion.
Anyone have an idea what it is or was that they spray? Especially back in the 60's & 70's?
Buck, If you are wondering what soul is, take a drive downtown or out to the A&W and Buttry's. Granted that the downtown is coming back a little. But money came to town and people followed.......
Disappointed to see the town selling it soul for so little. This isn't an honor for Dan Connor, it's something being bought for him. That's if it who it is being bought for. I don't see the name Dan i + 39 more characters
Mayor, Can Miles City selling naming rights to any of these eye sores?
It really is a shame that people are so smitten with the idea of $125,000 dollars and forgetting the people who have done so much for the city of Miles City and sports. There is a list of names above + 830 more characters
You guys are missing the point. What do you think that this is going to bring in dollars wise? Maybe you can throw in the ice skating rink, tennis courts and etc. Maybe get $5,000 or $10,000? What Mil + 82 more characters
The sad thing is that Shipley's father ran several businesses in the Miles City area including both the service station across from the pool and the Exxon truck stop. I worked for the guy as a teenage + 104 more characters
Thanks Gunnar! Understand Scare Air was sold to Northwest Airlink years ago and the essential air service contract moved on. Tough to attract good tallent to eastern Montana. That's why there is essen + 191 more characters
Sounds like an up-grade from years of being supported by Scare Air. Formally known as Big Sky Air who had multiple airplane problems. What you are saying is standard for regional operators. Including + 181 more characters
Though I have never been arrested or have had Tracy's father as a parole officer. I do remember Johnny Uden with a heavy hand and big ego. Apparently having a large ego and big mouth is something that + 276 more characters
Dave..... You scotter on up the hill and wait for that first 737 to arrive. If you miss the first one, don't worry a second will be along shortly. Just hang in there......
O.K. Dave, missed it by $6 and you are talking block time for cities 80 miles apart in a jet that cruises at Mach .82 (about 550 MPH). Even at half that speed you have time to circle around Billings a + 22 more characters
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