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I'll be there and hopefully a few of my siblings - Jill for sure; Bob, maybe. Jane - no...lives in Houston and girls are busy this time of year. Nancy (Magnuson) Tennant
Thank you so much, Bobbi! I had just emailed you from my home email address, too, so please disregard that. There will be two of us for dinner. See you then!
I can't believe anyone would say that about our class! We had a lot of fun with each other and also with the classes around us. I have 3 siblings that graduated in the 70's and all but one are plannin + 42 more characters
Sharlene, I was in the same class as your Uncle Wes. I have such wonderful, fun memories of him!! We were both tall and skinny for our age so got a lot of ribbing because of that. I guess we felt a ki + 289 more characters
I have tried to apply twice and had numerous people say they would send me a registration form since it won't work for me online. Could somebody PLEASE register me?? Thanks - Nancy (Magnuson) Tennant + 4 more characters
I didn't know that Mr. Bender was still around! Cool - I might try to go visit him next time I am there. Too bad about Miss Timmer - she seemed so happy with her 'new' coffee job...
Hey Paul - it's Nancy (Magnuson) Tennant! I also liked Mrs. Keating - first grade, although I do remember that she told me I should NEVER ask a lady how old she is on her birthday!
Hey Gunnar - forgot how much I missed your sense of humor!! Looks like it could turn out to be an interesting reunion if you both are there!
Are you kidding me? I can't believe that! How long have we been neighbors?
Hi. I am Nancy (Magnuson) Tennant (1979) and would love to register AND help out with the reunion! I live in Gillette, so could help from afar if there is anything I can do. I tried to register online + 74 more characters
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