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Now I want sushi real bad. There are a couple places down in Laramie that serve sushi. Have never been to them (opened after I graduated) but everything I've heard has been good. Granted it has a 12, + 189 more characters
There just isn't a lot of evidence that shows the Blue Ponies are going to end their losing streak. Alec Haughian is young, but he showed some good stuff last week. He got rid of the butterflies and p + 464 more characters
Really? Dislike. You can't honestly expect one guy to provide coverage for all of the league's in this town. It wouldn't be that hard for a coach or maybe a parent or a player to work up a box score o + 174 more characters
Choctaw Bingo
Pretty sad that people almost get shot and killed and you're worried about a newspaper article.
James McMurtry is awesome, been a fan for many years. I was hopin' I had this night off. But thats the bad thing about being in a band yourself.
So... theres a couple tattoo shops in town eh.
You bet. A can't miss. I think Tebow should be doin' flips over this too. Give him a couple more years learning from two of the best QB's in NFL history. He can save on his body, mature as a player an + 44 more characters
What time are they showing?
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