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Report the stolen card to the police, your bank, and walmart. They can track where the order was shipped to, and.... BOOM, arrested, and the bank returns your money. Problem solved.
Bob L, why do you hate to admit That is a great site. I frequent,,,and for sports. I also really enjoy anything on writte + 198 more characters
The Saints easily had the best 1st round. Mark Ingram and Cameron Jordan.. That is crazy. And Jake Locker will be an EPIC flop! Mark my words!
I concur with Ms. Allison and Mr. Bonine. How can you say a few of the teachers are good but the majority are not? Have you talked to a majority of the teachers, or seen any of them in there work envi + 94 more characters
If Emperor Palpatine dies, I believe the team is passed on to Darth Vader.. No?
I am actually pretty sure that Al Davis is Emperor Palpatine... We just haven't seen him shoot lighting from his fingertips yet. Poor choice in firing Cable, and 4 out of the last 5 coaches have had f + 125 more characters
I am looking forward to that show very much. I have had several of the dog fish head IPA's and they are fantastic. Should be a great watch, especially for someone who is interested in brewing.
Is your house on Dickinson and Lake? I was absolutely terrified of that house growing up.. That is the only "haunted house" that i was spooked of when I was a kid. I bet it is actually a pretty cool h + 157 more characters
I love that show. It leaves you with something to think about every week. A lot of my friends have complained about it being slow, which I understand, but I really love the intricacies of how they por + 424 more characters
I love my PS3.... It plays regular dvds, blu ray dvds, i can rent streaming movies, and buy movies that just download and store on the ps3 itself. It is pretty rad. I have had it for 3 years and it ha + 933 more characters
White Sox are always accepting new fan applications!!!
I just don't see the Mariners winning that division this year. They have a good core of young guys and pretty solid pitching. All that said, the Rangers are tied for first in that division and they di + 306 more characters
I agree with Arrested Development, Deadwood, Freaks and Geeks, and Carnivale.... All the good ones aren't understood until its too late....
Really?? 102 wins Julie?? even 97 wins Matt? That is a pretty big number! The Red Sox haven't got to 100 wins EVER and look how good they have been the last decade.... The Yankees did it 5 times in th + 359 more characters
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