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It was in his locker at school when it was taken. The lost and found has been checked. Teachers have been notified. It has not been found. I understand that kids lose things, it happens all the time. + 243 more characters
found it tonight on 700 block of Mississippi.. must have been missing for was very thirsty and had matted hair chunks hanging all over it.. sad... It did have a collar with rabies tag but + 32 more characters
Pete was Glenn's father. Grandpa Glenn learned from his father.
RE: SANJEL 12 years ago
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Sanjel is moving some of its workforce, but not all... i don't know details. All i know is, yes, unfortunately, our community will be losing some people, three families that i know of for sure, but no + 43 more characters
THANKS for the info Tina!!!!
My son just turned 5 and is super excited about wrestling!! Can anyone tell me when it usually starts and who to contact. Any information would be great. Thanks!
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