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I bought a six pack at Reynolds in Glendive. (I know Glendive sucks.) But Reynolds in Miles might have it or can get it.
Certified Car Care 365-8811 My Dad has used Ken Pena for years and always been happy with the service. He is usually very busy, but have found that to be the case with all the service shops in Glendiv + 2 more characters
I have never heard of Mangers but I do love hard cider. My favorite is Woodchuck Hard Cider. The Amber is good, but 802 is my favorite. They have a Granny Smith and a Crisp. They are terrible (unless + 197 more characters
Thanks for all the information. The cards actually belong to my husband. He is the gambler in the family. We bought the cards in an antique shop in Glendive and just wanted a little history on the hot + 150 more characters
I have an old deck of cards from the Hotel Ingham; Edith Slack, Manager. Does anyone know where this hotel was and when it was in operation? Just curious.
I will be coming through Miles City on Sunday the 13th. Might be too late, but I would be willing to bring you more if needed.
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