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Frank the national speed walking association just called---they don't want you to join but are encouraging you to watch them race well you eat your TV dinner and sit on your couch, they might even giv + 221 more characters
Thanks David for pointing out the obvious all those things suggested have been done. The records that recognize top achievers are nice, schools should do that, they should inspire and challenge. Walk + 795 more characters
Your short sided response proves my point Amorette. Every one wants better schools higher paid teachers and new buildings. Districts that garner community support get that. There are districts in Mont + 1262 more characters
And now in the paper the school wants more money If you cant even get the little things or the easy things right. It makes it that much harder to support. I had a gentleman call me about my earlier p + 315 more characters
I haven't been to Washington Middle school for a couple years, and stopped in to watch a 5-6 grade basketball game last week. I always check the track record boards when ever I stop in so I can call a + 402 more characters
I think Micheal Moore might have found the problem or in picture format http://thefedera + 72 more characters
What I just entered my moderately middle class income into cnn's tax calculator and found out It will be making a significant difference. Over 5%, when is the last time any of us have had a 5% raise. + 166 more characters
Rob 1. I am not lying, I have friends and a second cousin that go to church. 2. I am demanding you retract your statement about me possible being in the Illuminati. Publicly accusing one of being in a + 304 more characters
Rob, I a friend of mine ran into a Bank of America representative that was in town about the time they were working on prepossessing your house. He tells the story that the representative drove by you + 520 more characters
Ship, When some one robs a bank the police do not need a signed complaint to act...nor do they if you break the local city ordinance to keep your house and yard nice. Quit complaining about it and eit + 48 more characters
Rob, I have thought long and hard about voting for judge and offer you a chance to respond to the problem that I face. I drove by your house just last week and observed the many beautiful homes and ya + 943 more characters
Has Nancy Pelosi completely lost her mind? Or does she just have to complain about everything President Trump does? During a press briefing on Thursday, the House Minority Leader criticized the presid + 358 more characters
Couldn't have said it better!!! url
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