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I did the same, Wal-mart seeds with the peat pots. All of my plants are flowers but my mom did the same and she is doing the veggies. I started them in the peat pots at least 6 weeks ago and then tran + 415 more characters
You can look through your open programs kind of like 3-d flash cards on your screen. Plus the parental controls can track what websites your kids are on and limit them to the times they can be on and + 107 more characters
I do like Christmas, it is what Christmas has become that I don't like. People seem to have forgotten the true meaning of it. Now days it is all about decorating and buying gifts. It is to commerciali + 4 more characters
City Brew did not buy the Hardee's spot, that is owned now by Ray Schmidt. He wanted to sell it but the sale didn't go through. I don't know who was interested in buying it. But for right now I don't + 122 more characters
So I grew up here, moved away for 4 years and am back now, but I do not remember the Penquin (guess I am not that old) but is there still a penquin?
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I heard over a scanner that he was caught by Jack McDaniels. He was in his barn and he held him at gun point with a loaded 22 until the cops arrived. He is in custody.
RE: Escape 17 years ago
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I say let the games begin!!
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