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I almost never post, but read this site regularly. I only lived in Miles for a year, a long time ago, but loved it and follow the goings on here. My favorite part is all of the Class A football stats.
As an aside, the title of this thread is wildly inaccurate. Even by his or her own description, pookie describes a change in valuation, not a tax increase. The property tax rate is not changing, but t + 168 more characters
Check at the County Courthouse - someone there is in charge of addresses. Probably the fire marshall or 911. They assign addresses to places, even if they don't get rural delivery.
I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
Cats are voracious killers of songbirds. There should be an open season on cats, just like coyotes.
That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. Guy is incredible. How some peoples minds work is just amazing - how the hell did he remember all those? awesome.
A great and kind man. An excellent jurist. An exceptional dog trainer. Truly a renaissance man. Rest in Peace Judge.
If that song didn't do it for you, try this one on for size:
About the disaster at Gallipoli, "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda"
Griz fan that I am, this ain't their year. Cats 31-17
it definitely needs traffic lights. but it is fun to see the trucks get stuck.
And by the way, the Paintball guy is a real non sequitir, and like most guys way too "in" to "make believe" war like paintball, he is an idiot. Try fighting in real war dumb**s. Then you won't feel so + 17 more characters
As to the stand your ground law, or as it is oft called in Montana, the "portable castle doctrine," they are an attempt to fix a problem that didn't exist. What they have done is create a dangerous si + 690 more characters
Buzz Martin, known as the singing logger, wrote and sang a great song about home brew, in the 1960s, I believe. To top it off, the name of his recording company was "Ripcord Records." Those that have + 73 more characters
for some reason, the song plays twice on this youtube version - its really just about a two minute ditty, and will make you chuckle.
The firing of Pflugrad and O'Day is just the beginning I think. More shoes to drop in Missoula. Probably a few arrests too. Alas.
don't let OSHA see it either......
Sure sign of progress, the opening of a new tattoo shop. Add in a medical marijuana shop and pawn shop or two, and its a flashing beacon of progress. Er, I mean, a sign of regression.
Julie H: my comments are information I received from the Administrator of the Montana Board of Oil and Gas, Tom Richmond, at one of the annual statewide Montana Economic Outlook Forums. That goodenoug + 7 more characters
Sirius Radio was doing a promo yesterday for its Whitney tribute, and said something like "her fans were shocked and saddened to hear of her death." Okay, I could go with them on saddened, but was any + 213 more characters
The 3 year leases are driving the drilling in NoDak. But, I hear that 2 or 3 rigs a month are moving to Montana - which should translate into a 20 or 30 wells per year increase, as the months tick by. + 58 more characters
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