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Use extreme caution when dealing with Ranch1. Lots of promises, but she never delivers. ANY and EVERY detail that is not STRONGLY worded IN WRITING will be altered to your disadvantage. And I guarante + 990 more characters
So, Ranch1 is the animal abusing owner it seems. And now Ranch1 appears to be lurking around here trying to sell milk and eggs? But how, she never milks the goats. They are so bloated after 3 weeks of + 100 more characters
So, if I illegally seized the rest of wilderness area and made it look better,every body would be ok with that? Even though it means I would be making money off it and you no longer have a place to wa + 96 more characters
I am a bit concerned about 'getting in trouble' but not how you suggest. The lack of response validates my suspicion a bit that the people of MC don't care this is happening and I should shut up about + 196 more characters
What's up with people fencing in city owned land and claiming it as their own? I would think all the folks paying high property taxes on postage-stamp sized yards would take offense at someone gettin + 30 more characters
Don't think I'm not tempted... lol!
Thanks for the feedback everybody! Somebody from Circle came all the way down here for her shortly after I posted, because she has no friends in town. (imagine that). I was right, she is malicious as + 973 more characters
I've been tending to a small-livestock herd (goats, sheep, pigs) for a couple months. The lady has invented some reason to be mad at me, not even related to the animals. She refuses to pay me. I gave + 746 more characters
Our government is established firmly upon the idea that THE PEOPLE have ALL RIGHTS. Period. The Constitution enumerated and delegated certain powers to the government for the sake of enabling it to fu + 2081 more characters
Is this a quiz, or a request for opinions?
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