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The third baby was found dead also. It sounds like all three of them were electrocuted.
My dad's brother drowned in 1970 at Spotted Eagle. He was almost 5 years old at the time. His name was Leon Emeline. [Edited by Jody K (9/4/2020 9:00:32 PM)]
My son had his 7th birthday party there. One boy even said, "This is the best party ever!" So much fun. They even let the birthday kid take home a bowling pin signed by all the party goers.
Last year at this time I lived near the train tracks by the golf course. I kind of thought it was the trains. This year we have moved over by the hospital. I heard it just as clear and loud as before.
I think they were adults, not young kids. You know, old enough to know better.
If someone could post the link the names of the suspects have been released on Williston's news channel website. Both from Parachute, CO.
I read that article from Denver a few days ago. I figured from the beginning that the people responsible for this were not from the Sidney area.
Chipmunk, sounds like we are in the same neighborhood. I was wondering if it was happening to other people. I didn't notice it on Friday, but it happened about 6 times yesterday and about the same tod + 18 more characters
Thanks for posting that. We will be using it for sure this year!
lucky, they came to my house more than once too. I told them I already have one. I really dislike these guys. I think they are usually from out of state.
I just got my booster last week!
Guess what...they are back! I was just sitting here 8:54 p.m. there is a knock at the door. I open the door and there is a guy with a box of baking soda. He tells me what ever the company name is and + 503 more characters
You need to post a picture of the other side, it has stripes.
We had so much fun. What a great event. I am happy to hear it will be annual. Thanks Holy Rosary!
They call this the curse of 27. Many talented young musicians all died at the age of 27.
I was told that the local Walmart doesn't do any ordering. They get whatever they are sent. I guess they don't look at inventory or what sells well because sometimes the shelves are bare. They would m + 116 more characters
The thing that is hard for me is that someone did this. Someone is going to live free knowing they murdered a child and no one else will ever know what really happened.
They are going to read the verdict in about 20 minutes.
I really like the idea of a Splash Pad. Is the one at the fairgrounds able the be used this summer? Is it only available during the fair?
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